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Thursday: God as a Sculptor — 4 Comments

  1. It is true God sculpters sinful nature into beautiful sinless souls, but it is left for us to avail ourselves to God to make those changes in our lives.

  2. Yes I believe it is because God's love is a cotinuing love unless we stop it by ignoring the plea of the Holy Spirit. God will always continue to shape us as long as we make ourselves available.

  3. Brethren , if only we could fully avail ourselves to God The Sculptor and let Him do what He knows best for His image to be seen in us. We should not mind the pain, the length of time. No sculpture ever tells the Scupltor how to be shaped. May God help us through the Holy Spirit. Happy Sabbath

  4. The process is never welcome but the result no one regrets. Unfortunately we choose to see the bad during the process. What at one point seems to be the very thing destined to reap us through - it being scandalous,nasty and so on, can in fact become the very thing that draws us close to God and loved ones.


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