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  1. Lillianne, your statistics are alarming, or at least disappointing. One might ask, of all the ones that claim to be Christians, what does that mean? They attend Church on a regular basis, or only on Easter and Christmas? Winston Churchill made an observation. He said, going to church does not make a Christian any more than if they are in a garage makes them a car. We do need to be aware of our actions when we are seen by others. It should be a way of life, not a determined effort to display Christian characteristics, only when we might be seen.

    • It is not alarming to me about the state of Christians. One man migrated to USA once and saw the culture. As he lived there for the first couple of months he proclaimed "I love the God that is in America but do not love the God back home". He quickly stated when asked why. His answer was; because in USA in the Adventist churches everyone is allowed to live anyhow without being told what to do, no discipline, no correction, no censorship. Then that was a good God who allowed you to do anything and still serve in the church.
      I used that illustration to say, if you who professed to be a christian and our non Christians friends go the same places and do the same things, how can the see Christ in us. The see us just like them.

      • The wheat will grow with the tares until the harvest. Our concern should not so much be about "them", but "me". This is done through prayerful examination of self compared to Jesus, asking God to "search me...and lead me in the way everlasting". We are then to encourage all who God places on our path who's feet might be found slipping into wayward paths, "in the spirit of meekness" and pointing them to the Lamb of God. This is God's work and He will lead us in it.

    • I wondered about the same thing, many people claim to be Christians who rarely attend any service, or attend services out of habit. I believe we need to consider them unchurched every bit as much as those who claim no affiliation...meaning how we act inside of our church buildings is every bit as important as our behavior outside.
      Thank you for your comments.

  2. Am very grateful to the minds behind these posts and God's ambassodors in oarticular.This is way beyond insipiration! be blessed and pour out a lot more for our spiritual growth. simon from Uganda

  3. Lillian, Thank you for reminding us about our responsibility to be the Light of the world, as our Lord Jesus Christ places His Light in us.
    I think you will understand my making a distinction between persons who call themselves Christians and those who are blessed with being the "Light", having received the "Light" through the indwelling Holy Spirit.

    A Christian who does not know anyone who is called Christian (no distinction made with being a true Christian), is one who has not even been to a Christian church.
    87% "young outsiders" viewing Christians as "judgmental" is quite realistic, considering that most "young" and many of the older generation (who taught them) do not care for the principles of God's Law. It is easier to reject God's principles for "this is my life to live how I want". I know SDA young people who jest about the rigidity and judgmental nature of keeping the Sabbath, and having regular devotions. Additionally, I do know Christians who do not attend church, feel strongly about acceptance with God, but live immoral according to Scripture. They also will reject the Law of God, and the current lessons as rigid and judgmental.
    One who has contact with Chinese and other international communities in the USA, or acquainted with the the stats, will know that most live in exclusive communities, and either view America and Americans as Christian, or if they recognize a distinction between Christian believers and other Americans, do not know who is or is not in the crowd of people they encounter in life here. I think those writers gave a skewed concept.

    On the other hand, Jesus Christ identifies our Church today as Laodicea, "blind" and "naked", without love and the anointing of the Holy Spirit. You are correct in referring to "Israel" and their constant apostasy. If today we are modern "Israel", we like them represent the inability to see (incapable to accurately assess our condition, or see HIM), and our uncovered state without the clothing of righteousness and without the armor of God. We own being "Israel", but not the "overcomer" "who has power with God and with man".

    Lillian, Your article is a call to repentance, to return to Israel of God.
    God bless, as we prayer unto the coming of Jesus, with readiness and a steadast faith.

    God bless.

  4. I suppose these statistics are a sad commentary on the lack of Christians to heed the commission to "Go ye...".

    I would also say that there are those who demonstrate the character of Jesus, while not knowing Him. For any who are searching for truth, God guides them by His Spirit who is convincing the world of "sin...righteousness...judgment", while Christians are left to choose to be part of this work or not. Any who wish to serve will be led by God to a condition of fitness for the work of the gospel.

    Following the example of Christ is a personal responsibility which the servants of God will be found doing when Jesus returns. They will receive His Seal and follow Him wherever He goes. To all others, Jesus must say at last; "I never knew you."

  5. Lilliane, thanks for the reminder. It is very disappointing what the statistics reveal. I ask the Lord to help me to reflect His character daily at home, work or wherever I may be. Bless you.

  6. The Scripture is useless, baseless and dead until we act on it...

    Prayer: Lord Jesus, give me the grace to make Your Word the standard for my life, my thoughts, my actions and my deeds. Give me the grace to believe Your Word and act upon it, in Jesus’ name.
    Acts 12:17-20
    James 1:25
    2 Thessalonians 1

  7. I often wonder how it must be for an immigrant to enter the US...into what he constantly would have heard was a "Christian" country...and then witness the flagrant unchristian practices of the majority of the population, the corruption of government and corporations, the greed of corporate leaders, the excesses of Hollywood and the entertainment industry as a whole,fashion, the rampant and open sexualization of everything from advertising to the passion for personal fitness etc etc.
    For the Muslim for example who grew up in say Yemen or Pakistan and only had Al Jazeerah for his contact with the outside world, his entire perspective of what he understood to be Christian was what he witnessed as being the worst examples of human behaviour as seen on his tv. I would suggest that personal contact with a Christian wouldn't alter a great deal of his pre-conceived perspective.
    It would take a radical departure from the norm in Christian behaviour and practice to positively influence such people as described above. That radical departure from the norm is what we as Seventh Day Adventists are called to be. A truly peculiar people. We just need to get out more and show people that there is an Israel that is still set apart for holy use.

    • Have you ever wondered how was it only 8, I said 8 people was saved in the ark after 120yrs of preaching. The very people who worked on the ark as workers was not saved. Was it just a job they were doing and never listened to Bro Noah. Have you ever wondered why only 3, I said 3 people was rescued from Sodom, Gomorrah, and there neighboring regions. Not even the people who worked for Bro Lot and Sis Lot. My bible said the people even challenged angels. Look at our world today.

  8. “You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world” (1 John 4:4).

    The One who is fighting for you is the One on the inside. When one’s life is not dominated by the Word of God, one talks about the battle on the outside, where fear and intimidation reign. The Holy Spirit takes up residence within us the moment we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and personal Saviour and He puts an end to our failure and gives birth to success. What are you passing through? What are you facing? Relax! Start talking about the hope of glory instead of self pity. Start talking about the One who is fighting for you instead of the battle. Start talking about the promise of victory, instead of the warfare. Start talking about the Healer instead of your sickness. Allow the Word of God to dominate your mouth because when the Word of God dominates your mouth, it will dominate your heart and when the Word of God dominates your heart, it will influence your conduct and behaviour. I mean, if the Word of God is dominating your heart, you will talk about the One who is fighting for you, Jesus, the One on the inside. When you talk about the One who is fighting for you, the One on the inside, you will overcome the one who is in the world because the One who is in you is greater.

    Prayer Point: Spirit of the living God, fall afresh upon me and make my heart Your dwelling place.

  9. We have made Jesus unpopular because we say we follow Him but we do not follow His principles.

    To get to the root of the matter, your spiritual life is the answer, therefore The first place we are to prosper is in our spiritual life.

  10. If millions of this generation are to believe, they must see proof that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.


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