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    without repentance there cannot be a change of life we have to throw away our fleshy ways such as lieing,cheat putting discord all that is not right in the sight of god;the word of god says seek ye first the kingdom of god and all these things will be added unto you

  2. So He gives me hope for life when I tend to cling to death. He gives me strength when my soul is heavy as I battle against discouragement. In affliction He gives me comfort through His word. Through affliction I learn to keep from straying. This gives me hope. A light to my path and for my very next step. According to the Word it maintains me in hope by upholding me so I may not be ashamed of it. It gives me understanding. And I understand that You plead my cause and redeem me. Thank you Lord for Your grace.

  3. I'm always glad to descovered the treasure whose worth cannot be described by the finite and mortal mind. This makes me feel that I need the word the more.

  4. It is interesting to realise that the hholy spirit that inspires the word of GOD(2Timothy 3:15,6) is the same that points to the word. We therefore cannot do GOD's will unless we read anf follow instructions which are in the bible- GOD's manual to us.

  5. your word is the lamp to my feet and the light to my path. so it is my prayer that you lead me according to the ways of your heart. amen

  6. It is amazing how the word of God can work miracles in us. The word of God has power to perform miracles, the word is the truth, the light, the compass, the comforter, the bread of life. The word inspires, it reproves, it guides, it encourages and promotes cohesion and unity. The word of GOD IS LOVE.

    • The biggest miracle that the Holy Spirit works in us is a changed life. Significantly, change is one of the things we find hardest to accept. All too often we are happy to maintain the status quo.


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