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Monday: Having Compassion for People — 3 Comments

  1. Lessen suffering for each other; care about each others' sorrows. Be kind, forgive, love. That is the the fulfillment of the Holy Spirit in us. That is our joy "a bubblin' over." 🙂

  2. I praise God for the work you are doing may he see you through for giving us hope please am asking for the spiritual books.

  3. We can learn very important lessons from the compassionate Christ. He left the beauty and comfort of heaven to come and save humanity. The dying race appreaciated Him by sentencing Him to the cruel death on a rugged cross. Because of His unfailing compassion He endured the shameful death of the cross and offered humanity a living hope of eternal life. Thre is no better compassion than that which is willing to give up life for others (Jn 15:13).


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