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Thursday: Heaven’s Appeal for an End-Time Reformation — 4 Comments

  1. To me the good news, the glad tidings, "the gospel" is the basis of the three angel's messages because it points to God who is the authority in the universe and the one who will justify (vindicate) His church in the end through the judgment. While the last message is hard on the lost and rather negative in reality it is a call to join God's kingdom that guarantees protection from Satan and his government for all eternity.

  2. The entire reason for all that God has done is to share His love. He wanted humans, chose them and created them to be loving friends. He knew the risks He was taking, and that He would empty Heaven for us. I need to daily remind myself of just Who God is!! The Love He has and all that He does to make it possible for me to live with Him forever someday. In the mean time, I can have the privilege of a unified connection with Him while I have a chance to draw others to Himself. During my life on this earth, my mind and heart daily needs total saturation with Him and His love in order to draw others to God and Jesus.

  3. We must continually to seek GOD daily and ask HIM for guidance and protection in this world. By reading HIS word and sharing our faith we will continue to grow spiritually. It is amazing how you feel HIS love surrounding you when you draw close to HIM. What an amazing GOD we serve!

  4. Thank God for revival and reformation. That which has been dead and idle needs revived and that which has been tainted with sin reformed.


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