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  1. Happy sabbath people at hope ss. Here in Uganda, sabbath has set in already. Am always delighted to watch your programme of hope on my newly acquired zuku satelite Tv, the only setelite that gave us an opportunity to watch your programme.
    I continue to pray hard that the living God blesses your continued ministry now in Uganda through zuku.

    I had had a challenge of failing to watch you whenever I would run short of Mbs on my tablet. Now that I have a tv that can enable me stream live programmes, I will continue watching all the time.

    Simon ssetenda.

  2. Me and my family always look forward to 10pm east African time, to come and gather around the tv screen. I live in Uganda, and watch hope Sabbath on our hope channel. We use your study to enhance our daily study. We now addicted to hope Sabbath to the level that we now know each and every member of the crew, God bless you as you continue to be a blessing to us.

  3. In short I'm an Elder/Teacher/Sabbath School Superintendent at the Antelope Valley SDA Church in Lancaster, CA...I'm always looking for sound teaching sources to present a fresh outlook on the lessons and also a way to get to the main points of the lesson...your ministry is literally a Godsend in these efforts the outline and scripture songs are great teaching tools in this endeavor really enjoy the program keep up the good work stay strong in Jesus...and in his love


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