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Thursday: The Hour of His Judgment — 2 Comments

  1. I understand that our lesson this week tells us that grace came after the fall of sin and judgement follows as a consequence of sin. Therefore, if we sinned we are judge accordingly and grace is the provision in which we have time to change or repent.
    Thanks God for the grace, that I could not suffer much with the sin I committed and have a chance to live.

  2. If we sin, we're judged accordingly. Yes. But grace is not the provision in which we have time to change or repent.
    Think of it.
    Nebuchadnezzer was on the throne. Then he messed up. Then God sent him into the wild for 7yrs. Then repented. Then God sat him on the throne again.
    Was Nebuchadnezzer given judged accordingly? He most certainly was. But when did grace come in? When he was sent away and given time to repent? When he was re-seated on the throne? Or...
    Going by the atrocities he had wrought,there would be no amount of repentance he could posses to make him merit the sitting on the throne anymore. Therefore, his sitting back on the throne was the "unmerited favour" from God,while his leaving the wild was due to his repentance.
    For repenting while we have time, God forgives us,and on His on account,restores us back to our rightful position. This is grace.
    Greetings from Nigeria.


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