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Inside Story: Don’t Be Ashamed — 5 Comments

  1. Our God is a real God, he is not a failing God. He is all the times able loose all knots of evil the devil has tied us with. Just ask and believe and it will be given.

  2. To God be the glory. Thank God you went to an adventist school, you have now been baptized and given you precious life to the Lord

  3. Dear, may the Lord visit with your aunt and talk to her in that small still voice.
    May the Lord bless your forster parents the Pastor and wife.

  4. I was once in the same situation where my family would not accept me being a Seventh-day Adventist but thanks to God they eventually came to realize that its my choice and they respect it. Now I will pray for
    your aunt to dear and your other loved ones for then to see what we have found in Christ

  5. Wonderful,one day your aunt see will Jesus in you and will surrender her life to God. My prayer is be strong and courageous and lead by example God is with you.


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