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  1. Roland Moody is a cousin of my wife, Betty Smith McCluskey, who was born the end of December, 1930 in a quickly build log cabin on the then isolated shore of Aleknagik Lake.
    I know Roland, Lloyd and Doris, and remember their mother; a wonderful family that helped in many ways, but whoever wrote this story got too many facts wrong.
    I will just mention one: There was no way for them to travel from Humptulips to Dillingham by going through British Columbia and the Yukon. The Alaska Highway was not built until the 1940s and there is still no road from Anchorage, Alaska to Dillingham. Frank Moody and oldest boy Oliver arrived in the Spring of 1931, and the rest of the family arrived during the summer.
    For accuracy, I suggest reading “They Came to Wrong Way Home” by Jan Doward and published by Pacific Press.
    And my wife, Betty Smith McCluskey just had her book published: “Feminine as a Rusty Fishhook in Alaska’s Charm School—-My Life and Challenges after being born in an isolated pioneer home.”
    It is available through Amazon or www.stan4books.com


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