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Inside Story: Instructed by God in Brazil — 5 Comments

  1. The God in Brazil is the same God all over the world. He has promised to speak to us through his word. He never leaves us, we are the ones who walk away from him. His eyes are on the sparrow, he knows the number of our hairs, our names and where we live. What a wonderful testimony.

  2. I am an Adventist and live in Tanzania, East Africa: I have been quite moved and also blessed by the Story: "Instructed by God in Brazil". Indeed God works miraculously for those of us who are ready to be guided by Him - Amen

  3. Dear Selomita - Reading your testimony makes me very happy! You started an exciting journey of discovery of the most incredible Truth - the magnificent power of Love of our Creator God manifested in His Son, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ - Emanuel - God with us! May God bless you with His deep Faith and Love!

  4. Praise the Lord for a powerful story and testimony about how God used YouTube Evangelism. We would love to find out what youtube channel she was watching. Would love to get in touch with her to learn more of her testimony. We have a youtube channel called: Amazing Prophecies. To God be the glory. Pastor Mark & Hope Fox. Email: lhopefox@aol.com or calebfox@aol.com


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