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Inside Story: Miracle on an Indian Road — 4 Comments

  1. What a beautiful story, God moves in mysterious ways. God Angels wake us up in the night for many reasons. In ways that we can help those who cant help themselves. Sometimes it is to pray for others who cant or dont have the strength to pray for themselves.
    Thank you Jesus. Jesus is still alive and working.
    Thanks for sharing my brethren.

  2. Let me relate an experience we had some years ago.

    One day we were coming back from Mexico, but our old Oldsmobile would not start. After half an hour of failed attempts the car started, and I told my wife that we would not stop until we got home, but when we were close to Temecula, California, I noticed that the gas gage was at almost empty. We stopped for gas, but the car refused to start.

    We kept trying on and off for four hours. The tow truck mechanic inspected the engine and his verdict was that the timing was broken and the car would never start. We were ready to call a taxi and find a motel to spend the night. My wife asked: “Let me try one more time.” She said, “In the name of the Lord” and turned the ignition. The car started.

    We got home and, and the next morning I tried to start the car to no avail. I had the car towed to the mechanic, who after looking at the engine reported to me that the timing was broken and that there was no way to get it started.

    Can you explain this?


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