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  1. Straddling the religion of the Bible and the religion of culture can happen anywhere and everywhere. The Holy Spirit has been speaking to me this week through these daily lessons, and as I looked at my bookshelf, I realized I still had so many New Age books, self-help books, astrology books, yoga books that I had purchased during my years I strayed away from faith in Jesus. Somehow, because I wasn’t consulting the dead or trying to predict the future, I thought it was OK to still have these books. But as I took each one off the shelf and looked through them, I recoiled at how false and dangerous they are. One book’s preface even said that a spirit guide had dictated the whole book, had visited the authors at 3:33 AM every morning to tell them what to write. Scary! I’ve bundled all of these books up and put them out in the car to bring to the transfer station tomorrow. I’m being inspired to clean out of my house and out of my heart and out of my mind anything that lifts up self and fake spirituality over faith in Jesus. Like Modesty and Rebecca, I am submitting everything to Him.


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