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  1. Yes, we will always be ready to hold someone's hand and pray to offer hope for all who are still seeking to find the Light that offers Life, that show remorse about how they wandered about in darkness not finding the Light of Life.
    Jesus' Gospel is this Light - He is the Heavenly Light that expells the darkness of this World and saves us from dying in its darkness.

    Even in the last hours of one's life, the person attending the departing soul can still speak about the Light of Jesus - His Love; how He offers His Light of Love to all, asking only Faith in return to confirm it - 'Yes', I believe and want to be in His Light of Love.

    If this is the last opportunity to ask a person if they want to accept the saving Light of the love of Jesus, we do not need to be afraid of rejection or being confounded by silence - we just pray that the Holy Spirit gives His strenth of conviction to all who are present at that moment.


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