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    • Yes indeed Fundie the God we're praying is wonderful, if we truly believe in him anything is possible

  1. Its sweet to see how God works with believers in different intresting ways to draw many unto His kingdom.

  2. I had an accident 6 weeks ago my car was sideswiped by a 22 wheeler truck and luckily I come out unhurt, I was hit in the front and my car looks like somebody just push me on the side and got out shaking and can't believe what happened my angel was with me. Then I needed another car to work my smash repair lend me his car without a charge while looking for another car. Went to two car yards and apply for a finance I am having problems because I have low income I wasn't approved on the other one but the other business manager wont give up on me for 4weeks working on my paper I ask other friends and my boys to pray for the approval the next day I received a call that I can pick up my car but I got another problem my insurance money didn't come yet for down payment and need to pick up because its end of financial year my friend heard me and after I put down the phone my friend asks me how much do you need? I said $5000. How much is the $check $5000. I will lend you the money when the xheck come just it to me. Then we pray. Our chaplain ask me to help him prepare food for the next week program for the kids for one week called Stormco and I said pastor I got no car yet am not sure yet but he was so positive and said will pray for it and prayers really work wonders and I got my new car the next day serving the lord. How great is that. Praise God and I am really thankful and I really feel the holy Spirit with me. God is good all the time.

    • Wow! A true revelation on the perseverance huh? Because You really could have argued for not being able to go and help. and it would have been find, because that was not possible. 🙂 Praise Our LORD GOD! Good for You!

  3. imagine you find a chief carried your property! You'll take him to police instead of reasoning to find out why he is doing so. God is good.

  4. I was interested to see that the new SDA church in Temryuk, Russia has been cropped of its cross. If so, I once did a study in the writings of EGW without finding support for the idea that a crossless church was best. Mrs. White attended the Battle Creek SDA Church where a photo
    reveals about six on display. (It could be pointed out, of course, that the church was later destroyed by fire.)

    Many non-SDA's confuse us with non-Christian groups like LDS and JW's. A simple cross on an SDA church might help dispel the notion.

  5. Who is the greatest of the three the father,the son or the holy spirit. Try to explain john 14:28


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