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  1. This story reminds me of the following incident many decades ago when our son was about six years old. We had arrived at the Colegio Adventista del Plata, in Argentina, now known as Universidad Adventista del Plata.

    Our son had a Micky Mouse play watch he treasured very much. The school had experienced a long rainy season and the weeds had grown as tall as our boy.

    When we got back from a meeting, our boy realized with great alarm that the cover of his watch was missing. He asked me to go back and look for it.

    I told him that it would be impossible to find it due to the tall weeds that grew along the pathway between our house and the school.

    Then he said: "Can we pray?" I thought to myself: "God was busy running the universe. Would he bother to help us find the cover of a play watch?" But then it dawned on me that perhaps the Lord wanted to build my boy's faith in His providence.

    I took our flashlight and started in our search. We had walked barely a few steps and spotted the missing play swatch cover among the tall weeds.

    Of course, we knelt down and thanked the Lord for his incredible interest in our happiness.


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