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Inside Story: Sharing God’s Dream — 2 Comments

  1. God is able to fill our voids as long us we be diligent in his work and wholly trust. May our hearts be responsive to His call

    • Right! (I mean truuuly)--Riiight!, Mark!
      Whoooaah! You just hit at the core of a "wrangling-of-my-spirit" that was taken place right now, imnmediately after, I read the inside story, and then-- I SAW YOUR COMMENT!
      Because think about what You said--"...as long...we be dilligent in HIS Work and wholly trust..." And then, I truly believe that Our LORD GOD'S HOLY SPIRIT TRULY Hit me next with the revelation, through confirmation that--I don't have to go to Africa, to the Congo, per the "Inside Story" from the 5th of July, but according to this modeled example, I have the Akwasasne-Mohawk reservation right here near me, as the closest one, 78 miles up the road, and soooo, I can begin to look'em up and do it right here! 🙂 ok, take care, Mark, for allowing Our GOOD AND GREATEST LORD GOD ABOVE ALL else, to lead YOU with these words to spark that intuition in me! thank You!


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