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  1. Related to the mission- interpreter being stunned that she will be an Adventist in the next life too. She will have a next life. After we die we will have a next life in the new earth. Being “Adventist “ I guess would be the life style and looking to Jesus everyday. Loved the story!

  2. The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want.

    God is great and greatly to be praise.
    When we love someone we want to tell the world about that someone. If we love Jesus we will want to tell the world about him.
    United in prayer from the World Church Prayer Request
    1. Pray for our missionaries working in difficulty territories.
    2. Pray the we be effectual missionaries right where we live.
    (like Grandmother)
    3. Pray for Adventist Mission unreached people and the Jewish people.
    4. General Conference Annual Council-October.


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