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Inside Story: Stubborn Atheist — 8 Comments

  1. Glory be to the Almighty, thus true the Lord can work in many ways to won His. So as christians let's behave in a good manner

  2. Loved this part: "But over time God revealed that His children don’t focus on outward appearances and actions, but on being heart-right with God. As I realized this, I felt a wonderful freedom and joy. I learned to love the believers who didn’t eat like me or look like me. I learned to love others because Jesus loves them and He relies on us to be His light in this dark world." Amen! The change happens from the inside out. I remember a dear old woman in our SDA church who was very kind to me as a child, even though I just started coming to church with my mom, sister and brother. We weren't sure of how to behave, but she treated me like I was someone; and she made me want to know her Jesus. Love to you.

  3. Tatiana's story should teach all of us a lesson - We have a duty to present the gospel and leave conversion to the awesome power of God.


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