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  1. It is true marrying out of our SDA faith brings a lot of conflict if the other person is not converted to Christ. The other person should be led to Christ, 'fall in love'/grow in love with Jesus for themselves, then 'fall in love'/grow in love with you. If the person does not love Jesus, he/she will feel you are trying to force religion on them. Some even got baptized just to get marry, then the war starts at home.
    I think the Lord is saying something to me.

    • This is true. But in my case, I was a Sunday keeper before I married my husband. When we first met, I did not know he was an Adventist, and I didn't really know anything about the SDA beliefs; the small town where I grew up didn't even have an Adventist church. My husband became Adventist at age 11 when a traveling pastor visited his village in El Salvador and nearly the entire village was converted. But he hadn't been attending when we first met. After we had been married a couple years he began attending Spanish SDA services and I came with him, but I needed a translator. I attended both Sabbath and Sunday services for a while, but as I learned more I started Bible studies with one of the elders, who introduced us to an English speaking pastor and his wife. I took a full course of studies on Adventist beliefs with the pastor's wife, and by the time we had been married about 5 years I decided to get re-baptized as an Adventist and we joined the English speaking church. (I was originally baptized as a Baptist.) As the first Adventist in my family, it's been difficult at times. My mother especially felt I was abandoning everything she taught me. I told her it's just that I learned so much more, but she still doesn't really understand.

      So as my own life shows, even though it's usually not best to be yoked to those of different faith, with God's leading it is possible for an unbelieving spouse or one of different faith as I was to accept the full truths of the Bible as it is written. I have been Adventist now for about 16 years, and I've never regretted my decision. I thank God every day for leading me even when I didn't realize what He was doing.


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