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  1. Judas\' penitent life was non existent,or only in some imaginations. Why it would be a consideration may be due to opinions of definitions such as Love, Grace, and mercy. Jesus\' opinion was, it would be better if Judas had not been born. Jesus\' crucifixion could have gotten along without Judas, but that wasn\'t the Fathers plan. Peters denial was another matter. I, along with countless others, have wondered How or why the plan of salvation was planned? We can conjecture a number of different options but the text that always ends up with the answer, My ways are not Your ways, Isiah55:8,9. Back to Peter. What can we say? Peter self \"assured\". Peter self \"assured\" . Peter self \"assured\". However this time it turned out to be a little more. This time it was Peter the liar. Peter the prevaricator. Peter the broken hearted person. Peters \"assurance\" came from above, a change man, not self assured. An example of being born again. John 3:5.


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