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  1. I thought God's Grace and God's Judgement was forever and always has been just like Love (agape) come to think of it, isn't that the same thing!?>Romans 5:20 ....And also I see Gods Grace and Judgement on everything I see like the Grace of life giving itself and his judgement in the creation e.g distance from the earth to the sun and the human body. Its amazing how he perfectly judged everything
    Am I being out of context here!??
    Please correct me if I'm wrong
    Thank you

    • Just a little bit my sister, GOD used no judgement in creation he knew exactly how far the sun needed to be from the earth.he was exact in all ways.

  2. Pray for me. This really speaks to me and I could see the sermon in that one phrase, before I even got to the end. "Where are you?" For me times that I openly/knowingly sin, I hear God saying to me, "Where are you?" It almost always comes in the form of a gospel song... And much like Adam and Eve I will hide by thinking of a secular tune to drown it out.

    But Lord thank you for your grace and your mercy. I am getting better at listening the first time, but I still struggle.

  3. I think the more we read scripture the more we learn and understand God. Reading Genesis 3:9 through to end i see God giving the devil a suprise on verse 15. By giving man hope and grace before passing judgement is something the devil didn't expect. This just shows really that God is a God of GRACE. The ancient grace is unchangeable. When we were born in this sinful world we found this grace awaiting us,(meaning grace comes first then judgement follow) if we deny it we will be judged for our doings. I thank God for giving me grace before judgement. Thank you.

  4. Gods Grace has been there before creation,he knew the first couple will chose a wrong way but still he created them. what is that? GRACE

    • I think it is so difficult if not impossible for us sinners to understand{comprehend) clearly the issue of grace and salvation in Christ. From the definition of grace(something offered to someone who deserves not) it seems that grace started even before we were created. We were not created in Adam because we deserved it but because of grace,and it is grace that we live even to question if grace real existed in our creation.the bible says "the plan of salvation was there even before there was the foundation of the earth" No body would blame God for not planning for our salvation because it is by GRACE we know that sin can be pardoned through the GRACE of GOD. GRACE is GOD'S gift for HUMANITY and it reveals to us how GOD values us than even angles! BY GRACE GOD DIED FOR THE FALLEN HUMANITY NOT FOR THE FALLEN ANGLES.

  5. Of our own we cannot make it thru this CORRECT,WELL DETAILED JUDGEMENT,where everything including secret things are all brought to book..The law demands our death every time we sin and seeing such a consequence God says I can stand in their place,let them claim on my faithfulness and my righteousness that I can give to them. No matter how sure judgement is, lets humbly claim on the Merits of His Grace that He so freely gives, it's thru this Grace that we face the thought of judgement without the fear of being Condemned, "There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus" (Rom 8:1 KJV).


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