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  1. Explain in words that would be clear to a seven-year-old how accepting Jesus can lead to an obedient and love-driven spiritual experience....seriously, as a 7-year-old in 1949, Jesus wouldn't love me if I did something naughty. He would love me if I was good. That was the simple word told us in Sabbath School.
    So, using the word obedient in this concept is a little difficult to explain. To my humble 75-year-old mind, accepting Jesus is accepting His gift of salvation by grace and faith. Trust is the operational 'doing' word. Jesus Loves Me This I Know. That's the only song for seven year old lambs and seventy year old 'yous'. I trust Him, therefore I go where He leads me. My Shepherd doesn't drive, He leads.
    Happy Sabbath!

  2. I. Am. Learning. To. Give. God. Thanks. For. My. Self my. Hands. My feet My. Eyes. Every. Member. Of. My. Body. For. I. Realized. It. Is. God. That. Give. Me. My. Breath. So. I. Can. Move. Talk. He. Gave. Me. Wisdom. To. Name. Name. A few. So. All. That. I. Am. And. Have. Is. God. So. Praise. God. For. His. Doing. So. I. Can. Read. And. Interpret. The. Lesson. With. The. Help. Of. The. Holy. Ghost. Or. Holy. Spirit


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