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Wednesday: Liberty Not Licentiousness — 4 Comments

  1. thank you so much to this sabbath school lesson through internet,its very interesting for every individual and for all the sabbath keepers of the Lord..godbless always.

  2. we should not use liberty as an excuse to sin(Rom 13:14)
    we must live as free men but we should not use our freedom as a cover for evil(1 Pet 2:16)
    christians are not free from the curse of the law
    Christian life is freedom FROM sin and not freedom TO sin.
    Do not let liberty become the lincence to sin

    • Enoch, I think when you have been liberated then the newness of Christ covering you makes you a different person. When you have truely attained that freedom in Christ, I do think it is beyond pretence of achieving it for covering up to sin. Nevertheless thank you for your contribution.

  3. Praise God! through Jesus we are free from the thought that we are saved by keeping the law. Jesus alone and his merits justify us and free us from the curse. Now by faith we are free to walk in the spirit and be sanctified.


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