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  1. Praise God! indeed Christ is risen and one day will raise Mary and all the people who died believing in Christ's resurrection. My mother who just passed away two weeks ago will be one of them and I am so grateful for this hope. Thank you for this message that brought tears in my eyes and God bless!

  2. Very well written. I went there. I was there. Thank-you. Yes, our Jesus Christ is risen and the world will never be the same. And just as He rose from the dead, He will come again. Let's all purpose to be ready by His grace! Praise the Lord!

  3. Wow! Mary Magdalene is my favorite character in the Bible,,,,, a good example of God's abundance grace,,,,,,, not just a second chance but chance after chance after chance after chance

  4. That is just like our GOD, to pick us up from sin and degradation, turn us around to HIM, and place our feet on solid ground, the Rock. If He can turn Mary around and commission her to give the message, surely, He can turn me around and I must tell everyone that Jesus Christ ain't dead, He is alive, and waiting to come back to claim His own.

  5. Gospel - Good News, thank you Inge for putting together Mary's personal testimony for us. It is so powerful, it inspires us. Here is a woman that was controlled by demons, despised by society and the church but Jesus cared and raised her up to follow Him.
    I pray that my gospel, my good news, my testimony of the goodness of the LORD may attract others to get to know Him and to love Him also.

  6. I have tears in my eyes. Jesus loves you and every person on this earth just as His Father does. Thank you for telling about His love.

  7. Halleluiah! He's risen. Truly He will come again I long to be there. I am tired with this world, the planes crash, the boko haram, the alshabab, floods, cyclones etc etc. Oh Lord Jesus please come fast.

  8. Mary, the figure to look for in the coming kingdom,from he condemned prostitute To the flag bearer of Christ. I love this bible character. So inspiring.

  9. This is great. may God bless us all as we struggle to leave those old characters and cling to his feet like Mary. I desire the passion she had in her transformation for spreading the good news and being the first one to encounter the rising of the Lord. God bless us all.


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