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  1. I have definitely found myself in that place of self-righteousness. Imagine that! Me being self-righteous! I am least to adopt such a position for the musings of the heart is sinful. I like when the lessons points out that we judge sometimes "only in our hearts" which is probably worst that outright condemnation because it means that we conceal our true feelings on the outside. I think the sin of righteous judgement is also so subtle that sometimes you are not even aware of it. Hence we indeed need to "consider" ourselves least was also fall into sin.

  2. Oddly enough, in this lesson I can see were I made an error out of anger. I recalled at one time stealing items as a young man, which was very much wrong. I did it because I simply wanted it. Many years later I became an Adventist and one of the youth leaders. Recently, after attending an event where I provided EMS services for a fee, the person who was suppose to pay me never did. This person is a great leader and friend, yet I felt he caused me harm. However, when confronted, he explained he had needs and so, although it was wrong, I then understood. Nevertheless, I felt so disappointed, even more so when I discovered he did the same to a youth group. This angered me even more to the point that I didn't want to talk to him. That what he did was worse because these are young people trying to do the right thing.

    But this lesson explained the need to understand and to look at the sinner, realizing that I am no different. Maybe I need to start a dialog and to mend this in the eyes of God for I am no better. I just need to be aware of what I do with him going forward and to forget, forgive and not to fall into the same error again. Either do it free or don't do it at all. It is true, when money is mixed with family and friends, it is bad...

  3. The closer we get to Jesus the more we should realize that our hearts are naturally evil! There is no sense in pointing to others' defects! What we should really point to is to Jesus' love for us, demonstrating the same empathy that Jesus has for us, with all the limitations that we ourselves also have!

    • Perhaps we could think of it this way: The closer we get to Jesus the more we want to be like him. I understand what you are saying, JC Zielak, but I think that sometime we focus to much on our sins and too little on our salvation.

      If we are saved then our focus should be on Jesus, not our sins. I think this is what we mean when we talk about "freedom in the Gospel".

      Your sentence; What we should really point to is to Jesus' love for us, demonstrating the same empathy that Jesus has for us, with all the limitations that we ourselves also have! is really a good summary of where we should be.

      We focus too often on where we, or others, are wrong, when we should be rejoicing by living and sharing Jesus.

  4. Now, with today's lesson in mind, where do we classify the censures and dis fellowships meted out to the erring members of our church (eg a youth who impregnates or gets pregnant out of wedlock or a man who falls into polygamy), considering that these punishments are being meted out by people who are also sinful?,Does it mean that these discplinary measures should be abolished?

    • I think that the very last thing a young person needs after falling pregant out of wedlock, is censure and disfellowship. Providing love and assistance is not condoning what they have done, but rather providing Christian support where they need it.

      In the old days deep censure was widespread and very distructive. My great grandmother had a baby out of wedlock and was forced by the family to leave Scotland with the father of the baby, leaving the baby behind. They ended up in NZ, got married and raised 8 children including my grandmother. My grandmother discovered she had an older brother when she was in her late 70s. I have a little tear-stained New-Year's card in my possession from the out-of-wedlock child to his mother, my great grandmother. I keep that as a reminder of the enormous heartache that my great grandmother must have endured.

      We owe it to those who have made mistakes to offer encouragement. Typically they have been punished enough already. Sin hurts and we should be the first to offer Christian balm.

  5. According to Galatians 6:1, we are to do the 2 ‘R’s: Restore means to bring back or reinstate someone’s relationship with Jesus. Many times we stop at admonishing, disciplining or censoring from our fellowship and we forget about them and move on. But complete restoration is vital when that person is going through the emotional depression dealing with shame, hurt and anger over what they have done. This is the make or break time for them. If not supported and guided with the love and forgiveness of Christ, they can easily fall away. This is the time when we are to lovingly be at their side, reminding them of the love of Christ. Restoration is helping them get back to their loving and faithful relationship with Christ, a complete 360-degree turnaround. If that is not accomplished, then we have not done our part in restoring that brother or sister in Christ.
    The other ‘R’ is to Reflect – When helping one that has fallen, I must reflect on my own walk and pray over myself and others, lest we fall prey to the temptations. In my own reflection, I will empathize more with who I am to help restore to Christ.

  6. Galation 6:1. When I listen to these words of counsel from Paul. I ask myself did Paul actual experience this or was he that good with understanding our fallen nature? However, the case may be there is no greater time to take heed to such counsel. In this world of technology: video games, social media, internet, provocative television shows, along with a countless number of other temptations, leave us all subject to a fallen appetite. We all have additive behaviour and when we are faced with member(s)who has mistakenly fallen, we must first know our own behavioural patterns. Especially, if we have been down this road. Our sinful victories gained through the power of the Holy Spirit can help "someone to win", Amen!, but also can effect your own spiritual walk. "A " sinful victory is just that and Our Lord and Saviour must receive honour, praise, and glory, however it is just the surface of a appetite that runs deep within us and can stir up unwanted thoughts feeling, emotions, and cravings If not guarded by fasting, prayer and the word of God.

  7. Spiritual pride that is mentioned is the opinion that like the publican and the Pharisee praying out loud how he has done so many things that are considered worthy and letting the Publican know how unworthy he was.Luke18:10-14. This is an example of Spiritual pride. It is only worthwhile in his own estimation. The question at the bottom about condemning sins of others that I have also committed, I would say none that I can recall. Other sins, yes. The focus is meant to discuss spiritual pride in particular.


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