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  1. event that i wont forget the is time when some boys another street came treating us for all most 2 weeks and from that day i really saw GODS power in our home so that really touch my heart and on more thing this month GOD is really working in me life because its being 2 months from now my marriage life is ups and down but i for sure that GOD is helping me go though this and i thank GOD that i have are wonderful husband thank thank you...

  2. It is wonderful to know that we have our God who reveals himself to us personally.
    He always leaves an impression of himself in our lifes.
    What a Saviour

  3. Why is it difficult for us to come up with event or events that have made a deep and lasting impression on our spiritual life and faith? When we ask for someone to share their experience, we know exactly the few people who would answer that call and speak up but why most of us don't have much to share in this experience?
    1) Keep a prayer journal. I was surprised when my wife shared her prayer journal with me which showed how each one of her prayer request for our family has been answered. Once the prayer was answered, I had forgotten the answered prayers. Sharing with others and journaling is pivotal for our own experience.
    2)Deep and lasting impression can only happen when we are willing to let God take the lead in our life.
    Peter, fisherman, was willing to obey and let down the net. Are we willing to obey the calling of God to step out of our comfort zone?

  4. It's absolutely true that the answers to our prayers, especially in our most needy moments, leave the deepest marks in our lives. If I were Peter, probably the fishing experience would be most significant.

  5. What about, Andrew, Philip,  and Nathaniel, the 1st of the disciples along with Peter to follow Jesus.  John 1.   They didn't have the privlage to eye witness that special event to confirm Christ mission, to seek and save the lost.  Luke 19:10.  Most of us have not had a special event, yet we believe in Him.  John 20:29.  We have the Old Testament scripture. Psalms 22.  Isaiah 53.  Zechariah 12:10.  Zechariah 13:7.   Jeremiah 33:14-18.   Daniel 7:13-14,18.  Isaiah 56:1.  Zechariah 9:9. Isaiah 25:8-9.  We have The New Testement witness of Him.  We have our modern day prophet,  and our preachers and lay men and women who have been given guidence by the Holy Spirit, in their sermons and wrirings. We thank Christ that he gave us these modern day writings to give us strength in these last days.  Some have said we don't need a prophet,  or preacher, we have the Bible.  I do believe The Spirit of Prophecy and our people writing books, if they speak according to the Bible,  augment and illuminate our relationship with Christ.  It is our relationship with Christ that carries us through.  We then can say , we have fought a good fight, we have stayed the course,  henceforth is laid up for us a crown of righteousness.  Available to all who put on Christ righteousness.  2 Timothy 4:7-8.

  6. Peter transfiguration of Jesus on the mount, he heard the voice from heaven affirming Jesus as God's Beloved Son and he saw Moses and Elijah with Jesus. This was truly an eye witness account. The significance of this experience(given the fact that Moses had died and was resurrected and taken up to heaven and Elijah was taken up in a fiery chariot) is the certainty of a resurrection and a translation of the saints at the glorious appearing of Jesus the second time.

  7. My wife and I have experienced what we call "God Moments." It is a specific time where we feel the presence of God in a special way. Once, we were enjoying a spectacular day on top of Signal Mountain near Chattanooga. We were reading from the Psalms about God's creation as we watched fog moving along with the river in the valley far below.
    The fog stopped moving and suddenly moved at a 90 degree angle up the mountain to overtook us. It then retreated as quickly as it came. While the cloud of fog enveloped us, we felt the sweet presence of God. It was a "God Moment" that encouraged us for the remainder of the day. The day was a Sabbath!


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