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  1. Jehoiakim may be easily charged with violation of the eight commandment, because he employed his power to defraud his neighbors (Jeremiah 22:17; 2 Kings 23:35). However according to Jesus the broader application of the commandment includes generosity to one’s neighbor (Luke 10:25-37).

    One reason the poor and needy remain always is to test the saints (Mark 14:7); really to encourage selflessness (Deuteronomy 15:11).

    Yet the poor and suffering may hardly obtain adequate attention because too many able believers are focused on moving to the next material level. Whenever there is a promotion, pay increase or bonus the first thought is how one’s standard of living and comfort level may be improved, not how much suffering of others might be relieved or how the cause of God might be advanced.

    A wife pleading with her husband to come home early, time after time was greeted with the reply, “Honey, you know I love you.” After numerous failed attempts the wife said, “Darling, quit loving me; and just come home early.” (Not necessarily a true story)

    The Lord has a similar issue with His people. He does not need professors, just people who will come home early and do what He says. If believers start spending time with Jesus by doing what He says they will likely grow to really love Him rather than waiting to be motivated by what they understand to be love. The faithful start making effort while they pray for bowels of mercy.

    In marking the redeemed for the New Earth the Redeemer identifies those whom He can trust to be law abiding by His sustaining grace (1 Corinthians 6:9-11: Revelation 22:15-16) and serve willingly. Somehow Jesus gets closely acquainted with those who do His will and consider the less fortunate, and easily identifies them in the judgment (Matthew 7:21-23; 25:34-40).

  2. "In other words, the true knowledge of God comes from how one treats those who are in need" I disagree - I believe when our character is changed by Jesus to be like His then the result will be caring for others. Maybe what the author meant was others will come to understand Jehovah when our actions reflect His love.

    • Agree with you, but maybe by doing what God does we'll know Him better. The Lord is merciful and if we are also merciful we'll also understand Him better, a "hands on training" kind of thing.

    • Shirley, you have declared the truth. Even our official writings are promoting the "works salvation". God first saves us, then works out his way and will in us who rest in Him

    • I agree with your statement in part but by what standard is our character changed? When Jesus was asked what is the greatest commandment He summarized it in two which in essence encompasses all ten !! he also said not all that say lord lord shall enter heaven but he that doeth the will of the Father which is what? His commandments !! He said depart from me I never knew you if we don't obey His commands which are 4 in direct relationship with Him and six which are relationship with each other through Him!!

    • I agreed, when we are transformed by the Holy Spirit we cannot help to inherit the characters of Christ which is love and therefore we feel the need to help those less fortunate.

  3. "there is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who do not walk according to the flesh BUT according to the spirit." Romans 8:1
    so if we do what He says "the Holy Spirit whom God has given to those who obey Him." Acts 5:32 we will indeed receive the Holy Spirit.

  4. My thoughts on the ending question is that we come to know God thru helping others because the commands that involve our treatment of our fellow man are found in the Ten Commandments which are described as the character of God!! When we embrace the purpose for the commandments and the character development that we attain thru obeying them we will then not see them as a set of rules to keep us in check but we'll see the love that is embedded a love that allows us to live not only in harmony with God thru Jesus but we live in harmony with each other !! Imagine a world where there's no theft no murders no dishonesty no jealousy that would be a world where all people obeyed God commands!! Jesus is our perfect sacrifice but he's also our perfect example !! His life if we would emulate it would be seen in our love and treatment of others !! What would Jesus do must be more than a cute catch phrase it must be the path that we follow!! We miss the meaning of Jesus example when we don't follow it and then we must ask ourselves this question how can I know Jesus and not follow His example if He truly is our only perfect example??

  5. We come to know God through helping the poor and the needy for two reasons. First, it is part of the essence of God's teaching. Jesus said that the most important law is "love thy neighbor as thyself." Indeed, most of the 10 commandments deal with how someone should treat his fellow human beings. Helping the poor and the needy is a physical manifestation of "love thy neighbor as thyself," and that is why it is so important. The second reason why helping the poor and needy brings us closer to God because it makes us more appreciative of what God has done in our own lives. When I volunteer at homeless shelters and talk with some of the people there, I realize that they are normal people, but bad things have happened to them. I could have been in that same situation, if not for the grace of God. Therefore, it is my duty to give back and help those, to spread that blessing that God has given me to others.

    • this is to show that character is made by oneself and throu'following God second not all good that brings out good,itsyour disicion to follow God and make him your perfect example.

    • Hello Dorothy to answer you if I may! The reason seemingly that any of us walk contrary to God is due to the power of choice first, and secondly it is our personal relationship with God!! Loving God unfortunately is not a DNA gene that can be passed down all we as parents can do is to teach our kids through the word of God and thru our example of obedience and even then that unfortunately will not prevent them from straying!! There has always been rebellion in succeeding generations from some that have come from homes that served God in all appearances very faithfully we have to remember that there's nothing we can do to get any loved ones in heaven after the age of accountability all we can do is pray and admonish them to return to God before it's too late! I hope this somewhat answer your question!!

  6. Wow what more do the Lord need to say to Me! I am guilty of not helping my brother with out complaints. Now it hurts when the Lord correct us and show us where we are in him.

    Let us (me) step out of myself which is not that important and help those who can not repay.

  7. Jeremiah chapter 22 is central to this day's study. On first reading it appears that Jehoiakim is the one being addressed (and of course Shallum and Jehoiakim are definitely mentioned in the chapter), but I have a question.

    The preceding chapter (Jeremiah 21) is clearly set in the time of ZEDEKIAH (the very last king of Judah). And Jeremiah 22 seems to be a continuation of Jer 21, and so is it ZEDEKIAH that is being addressed, with Shallum and Jehoiakim being referred to retrospectively?

    I hope you can see what I'm saying...

  8. Jehoahaz (Shallum) seems to be a relatively insignificant character, but it interests me that, at the death of his father (Josiah), Jehoahaz was NOT the rightful heir to the throne. He was Josiah's 4th son, and was made king by the choice of the people. THE PEOPLE saw something in the young man that they liked, and in that time of emergency they acted hastily. Following Josiah's death it seems that God was not consulted in the appointment of their next king.

    "...And the people of the land took Jehoahaz the son of Josiah, and anointed him, and made him king in his father's stead." (2Kings 23:30)


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