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  1. Have you noticed all patriarchs of the bible were willing to leave their comfort zone.
    In my own life experience, I was called out to move to a part of town that felt God forsaken place.
    Not being able to tolerate life in a small town we moved back to the city life.
    In the small town we went as a family to one church.
    We had to learn to live with each other but now in the city we all do our own thing.
    Are you being led by God or your comfort?

  2. Have you ever tried to write a prayer?

    It makes a change from the spoken prayers that are composed in our head as we pray. I used to be dismissive of people who read their prayers in church, thinking that it was somewhat inferior to an extemporaneous prayer. But I have changed my mind. Writing your prayer down gives you time to think and compose your prayer. That sort of preparation does not make your prayer more acceptable to God, but it does something to you personally. There is always going to be a need for conversational prayers like talking between friends, but writing a prayer is a whole thought process.

    And that is one reason why Nehemiah’s prayer is so special. It communicates with us several thousand years later.

  3. Yes, prayer is communicating with the LORD.
    How do I communicate with
    far flung family? Mostly via social media.
    With our ssnet group? Via these blogs.
    In the old days we use to send letters.

    I have found that when I write down my thoughts or prayers then I have to take them more seriously. My commitments, my requests and my thanks.

  4. As Jews celebrate the Day of Atonement tomorrow with repentance and thanks giving very much like Nehemiah's prayer, let us consider what this means to us in terms of the 2300 years prophecy and the investigative judgment.

  5. The greatest promise is that Jesus will be back again and will take those who are willing with Him! Everything that really matters is this, to go with Him.


    This project had a four month foundation made of prayers from the month of Kislev to the month of Nisan.

    During the four months Nehemiah prayed. Prayer relieves stress but entertainment doesn't.

    Nehemiah asked God to bless him when he would soon speak to the king of Persia about the matter.

    ...most of us when faced by a similar situation like Nehemiah think about money first. We arrange what each person should do and come up with wonderful scheme about what might be done but we forget to lay the foundation of prayers as Nehemiah did.

    Is this why we can arrange for a camp meeting of one week for a whole year?

    Is it why so many churches have unfinished projects that have taken years?

    Let's use Nehemiah's method. Prayer first and the project will take less than 52 days.

  7. Before we look at Nehemiah prayer its important to recap what prompted him to pray.

    ▪Jerusalem walls were broken down and the gates burnt.. the people were in a lot of trouble, disappointment and disgrace because of their failure to rebuild and keep the walls and gate of the city.
    ▪Nehemiah poured out his heart to God on behalf of the people and reminded him of His promises...

    How do you respond on hearing about the failures of others?
    God calls on us to stand in the gap for them, but to be able to verbalize God's promises we first need to know them....not know about them.

    ▪ Do you know someone who is trying their best but is facing defeat, returned to the Lord but facing defeat, have a willing heart but facing defeat, wanting to do the right thing but facing defeat and shame and discouragement, well, without criticizing them on what they should or should not have done, like Nehemiah, why not unconditionally stand in the gap for them today?

    Have a blessed day standing in the gap for someone today!


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