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  1. I feel I have been a saul somewhat! But I like the conversion this man underwent. A complete turn away from his past and a direct opposite-in opinion-of who he was!No mediocrity or anything. I wish God does the same to us.

  2. God's grace worked on Saul; who to human understanding deserved death. So many in the Christian community are following the footsteps of Saul. The grace of God still exists and I don't see wisdom in waiting for another "Damascus encounter".

  3. I'm confused about the first two accounts given on Saul's conversion. Acts 9:7 said those around heard the voice while Acts 22:9 said those around didn't hear the voice. Can someone kindly elaborate on these for me?

    • I don't claim to be an expert of Biblical exegesis, but I would like to share my thoughts on your question. In Acts 9, the story is being told by Luke, while in Acts 22 and 26:13-15, we are given a transcript of Paul's testimony in his own words. Paul doesn't contradict his own testimony given before Felix and then Festus with his guest King Agrippa and his wife Berenice. There are often apparent contradictions between different narrators of the same event, and the Bible has a few such moments. When Jesus was baptized, different gospel writers say different things about what the people heard. (Nothing, thunder, "This is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased") In Desire of Ages, Sister White writes that all three experiences are correct, some heard nothing, others thunder and a privileged few the voice of God confirming His son. My thinking is maybe some heard something, but that as Paul states, they did not hear Christ's conversation with him. Of course, we are not left in blindness on this subject, this story is retold in the book Acts of the Apostles or Sketches from the Life of Paul exactly as God showed Sister Ellen White this event. If it really concerns you, look there, and share the results. As the scriptures say, in the mouth of two or three witnesses a thing is confirmed.

      • Awesome point. Just like at a sermon being taught. A third hear one thing that helps them perfectly, the other third hear something a little different from the message and yet some who may have needed message the most don't hear the point at all or just missed it. Like the parable of the soil.

    • Now try to study the account of the two thieves crucified with Jesus' Crucifixion in the four gospels. Matthew and Mark say that both malefactors were railing on Jesus and say nothing about either of them ever repenting. John just simply says that there were two crucified with Jesus but says nothing about them being thieves or either of them ever repenting. Luke, who was probably not present at Jesus' crucifixion is the only one who, not only says that one repented and rebuked the other one for railing on Jesus, but also makes no mention as to whether the one that repented ever railed at Jesus.

      • Again I will emphasis that praise the Lord in so many of these apparent differences, God doesn't leave us in darkness. The Desire of Ages beautifully harmonizes the four gospel accounts into one narrative. Honestly, comparing the discrepancies between witnesses to any police investigation conducted in our modern day, and the few differences between the gospel accounts only shows an amazing amount of agreement that any police officer or detective could be envious of. God works through human agents, and unless he shows us in vision like He has for the prophets, He is restricted to what we actually know or remember. Which points out the obvious necessity for each of us to fortify our minds with God's word. God purposely had 4 witnesses to Jesus's life on earth so that we could get a better picture of the Only begotten of the Father, but really we are privileged as a church to have the inspired writings of Sister Ellen White. However, if one is looking for room to doubt, they will find it, but if instead one looks for evidence to believe, there's plenty of that. Many details we won't know for sure this side of eternity. Now we know in part, but then face to face. My belief is that God has given us all we need to believe and be saved. As long as we keep this in mind, it is intellectually stimulating to study out various details. As I have read works by many of the early Adventist pioneers, I have found that many things we often find a bit hazy in the scriptures they understood through diligent study. The testimony of God through Sister White was usually to comfirm a belief that several had already arrived at. We need to repeat this experience. We have a wealth of practically untapped resources. We can stand on the shoulders of spiritual giants, and reach the spiritual truths that God has for us now, and that we need for the days ahead. We must submit to the Holy Spirit and He will lead us into all truth, as promised.(which to be clear doesn't mean perfect understanding of all minutiae, but of the Truth, as it is in Jesus)

  4. It is the job of the Holy Spirit to bring that Damascus road experience. There were many who were traveling with Paul that day. Some denied seeing, some denied hearing but all lives were touched for Christ.
    I believe some may have taken time to accept Christ. Some may have chosen to reject Him

    Plant the seed of the Love of God

    Jesus the sower plants the seed in all the land knowing some seed will be lost and will not yield the strength of the crop. He still goes on planting.
    How is the planting of the seed?
    Am I willing to plant His seed anywhere and everywhere?
    Matthew 24:14
    14 And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come.

  5. God is so amazing and I can never forget his dealings with me. I met a young lady who unknowingly to me had come out of witchcraft and homosexuality to Christ. She only showed me Christ in the beginning and always asked me to pray the sinners prayer with her, which I refused, I was comfortable in my life. One night I was feeling extremely down, I had lost a child to crib death, I was sitting in my room in the dark, just thinking, and she called me and again asked me that question to which I said to myself, "Let me say this prayer with her, least she never leave me alone." I want everyone to know it was my tactic to appease her, I did not (think) mean it. But in saying that prayer, there was something that changed in my heart, I felt it, I could not describe it, but I got off my knees and said, "What is this?" "I've got to give this a try!" I could not believe what my heart was feeling. I want everyone to know this girl went back into homosexuality and confided in me she never intended for me to accept her invitation to Christ because she was trying to get me for herself. I was totally shocked with what she said, and never intended to live to that lifestyle, but I was determined to try this new found fullness that I had in my heart, sure that once I did something wrong that emptiness would come back. Praise to God...It has been more than 30 years and to this day I love the Lord, even more everyday. I learned two lessons from this experience, God can use anybody and he used my friend, and God knew more of what I needed than I did and never gave up on me. So when I read the story of Paul I see myself and God's mercy and grace, a God who penetrates the stubborn spirit and heart. He is so wonderful. I just love Him so much!

  6. I have been searching for reliable statistical information concerning Saul's conversion. Is the Ananias in Acts 9:10 the same Ananias in Acts 5:1? There is some commentary to suggest that is possible. Maybe someone here can be informative. There may be some conflict between Peter and Paul.


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