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  1. Hi Steven,
    Excellent comment! And prayer is a key.
    God's timing is not our timing, His thoughts are not our thoughts. He is never late and His business is no private affair. Lessons would result from these delays towards Lazarus' and the 12yr old's home and one by one each occasion would become instrumentally pedagogique. Firstly the bleeding woman was reserved but Jesus went public:
    "Who touched me?" while He was reserved about this young lady in the spring of her life. It might not be so popular for a young lady for everyone to know she came back from the dead. A good thing to be alive but mighy be rather scary to inter relate with such a person. I mean it's someone who returns from the unknown. We find two women at two poles of their life. Neither of them is productive nor even have the perspective. There had to be DIVINE INTERVENTION. Without this, death was sure and was already manifest in one case where one would think not since the older should normally pass away first. The girl could not advocate for her self. So here is the example of the magnifique role of a devoted father!
    Does this echo a certain prodigal son's father?
    On the other hand the older woman is quite agressive in her quest!
    I say great! What a lady! Does this echo the Syrophoenician lady? Thanks for praying parents. Thanks for that grace that is there for the asking.
    Ginger, France

    • Thanks, Ginger. You have definitely added to the narrative from a different perspective. I am blessed by the additional thoughts you have shared. This truly illustrates why there are four Gospels instead of one. Each brings something to the story that enhances the others.

      Merci beaucoup et bien jour a vous!

  2. One of the key messages is that "God’s will is for us to sense our own need and come to Him. He will heal us. His love assures us of that." God love is so full and robust that it is really hard for us to fathom His true love. While we may want to be healed, daily we are disobedient and fall short. We must ask God for forgiveness and to teach us to love just like He does.There are also times when we must put aside our inadequacies and let the Blood of the lamb cleanse us and make us spotless.

  3. Our God is not a liar, we should avoid pretence before him coz He knows all our ways, let's be straight forward, He is willing and able to heal en forgive us if we call en repent our sins.

  4. There are so many miracles God has done in our lives. its only that they are not published. when we have our meals on the table we pray to God to bless the provisions. He does. isnt that a miracle. we are ourselves leaving miracles. our lives, our families, our friends and our health. God does miracles everyday. Reading this is also a miracle coz there are some who just wished they could. i pray for such people. they will be able to in the second life


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