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  1. Thanks. It dawn very clearly that the model church growth experienced during the early church era was very powerful, because every members have done their parts in the evangelism, witnessing and ministry.

    Great insights.

    God Bless.

  2. I became an Adventist about 2 decades ago and have watched many evangelistic campaigns accomplish the goal of soul winning that is justifiably a church focus. It grieves me, however, to report that I have seen these same souls disappear for lack of Christian encouragement by older church members once they are on the church rolls.

    It would be well to consider expanding the working definition of evangelism to include nurture and support of new members: in discerning and being obedient to God's will in their lives and in becoming an active member of Christ's body.

    An every member ministry, in my opinion, must include placing a high value on helping new members become active disciples of Jesus Christ. What good is the acceptance of God's salvation if the new believer is not equipped by the older brothers and sisters to develop the habits and attitudes of those who become new creatures in Jesus Christ?

    • Excellent insight - and something we discussed in depth in our classes this last Sabbath. What are considered the "lesser" gifts may be the most important in our outreach efforts. That's why we need to encourage everyone to be a part of the heart church and not just the head church.

  3. Ariel, I agree wholeheartedly with your observation and it is indeed important to befriend and nurture new believers, for the sake of all parties involved and the strengthening of the whole church. We must study to show ourselves approved unto God and be equipped to reach out to our circles of influence by example in word and in deed. This is God's plan for the finishing of His work.


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