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  1. I could not agree with u more. we have been sleeping far too long the night spent. This is not our home but like the 10 virgins we all have been asleep.

  2. The Time of Disappointment: "The book of Daniel was supposed to be sealed until the end of time..." In light of Ezekiel 2:9 - 3:2, there should be a link to Rev 5:1. How do we associate Daniel 12:4-9 with Revelation 10:2 and exclude Ezekiel? Are the books in Daniel and Revelation the same? How different is the book of Revelation 10:2 from that of Ezekiel 2:9-3:3? In my mind, Revelation 10:2 is about the prophetic call of John the Revelator, which by application is an individual's call when he eats the book. Please correct me.

    Phillip Khumalo


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