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Tuesday: Paul’s Gospel — 3 Comments

  1. the gospel fully rests on the accomplishment of Jesus Christ who had to die on the cross just to save us all. en what amazes me is the way Paul had all the poetry skills in him like salutation body/message en the ending.
    he had to preach through the Galatians for peace en hope for all human race despite any form of discrimination.

  2. Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.....only....God grace & mercy through His Son bought us through in deliverance from our Lord and Savior will allow us to surrender in the name of our Heavenly Father to be overcome victoriously in our daily struggle constantly leaning on Jesus grace and the peace within.

  3. grace and peace. two key words in his concluding words. two key words in our experience in this world. we receive grace through the cross of Christ. He opened the way for us to receive grace and to gift us with a peaceful spirit no matter what circumstances we are facing. He gives us his peace. But he offers it to us, not so that we hold on to it and experience it for ourselves only. We are to also share this same experience we receive from him and give it to others around us, next to us, within our family and the church and the world; without any boundaries of religion, race color; the cross of Calvary opened a way for ALL people to come to Him, who are we to create a barrier and not allow others to see the love of God? therefore, we are the vessel that God has chosen for him to bestow his love to those around you.


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