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  1. Thanks for this morning's lesson. This quarters lesson is very practical in our christian life and i can relate to it every morning as something God wants me to know that day. The shield of faith is very important if we are to resist the devil. The allurements and lustful pleasures of this world will always come to us as fiery arrows glowing brightly. But thanks to the faith in Jesus! We are saved. Day by day, one step at a time, we will be able to resist the temptations of the evil one through Christ who strengthens us. 🙂

  2. The example of the "Gospel of Peace" is found in Jesus Christ. He would prepare for the events of the day, the distractions, the fiery darts, through prayer and a devotion of spending time with the Father, prior to the interaction with humanity. We are drawn to Him through His peace, through His compassion for us, not to enter into disagreement with Him, but to know more of the peace that surrounded Him. We are to come to this peace as well, being prepared for whatever might assail us, even the car that cut you off, or the discouraging word, or the rejection of your faith. How we respond is an indicator on what we have done to prepare for those events that might present themselves. Its not easy, I know, but being prepared for it will help discern it and overcome it. With the "Shield of Faith". WOW, the depths of faith will enable one to understand the controversy, will overcome the 'fiery darts' and enable the healing restoration, as rest affords itself through the Sabbath hours. I know, that the shield of faith plays a huge part of my own personal sanctification, healing and restoration of soul, for it is by faith I accept God as my Lord and Jesus as my Saviour. It is the faith of Jesus, that we will need to finish the battle, it is the faith of Jesus that saves us. Here are they...

  3. I absolutely love this quarters lessons. This is what I was asking for from the lesson . Its practical, while focusing on the word of God with beautiful text you can carry throughout the day.The incorporation of Ellen G. White readings is so simple anyone can understand. Wonderful job by the writers KEEP IT UP.

  4. Thank you for this lesson addition. As a single older female, I find that it is very important to stay in the Word of God for strength. Seniors are seemingly targeted by every kind of riffraff and negative spirit trying to get over in one way or the other. These reminders help me to stay focused on the fact that God has my back; but I must stay under the armor of God. I must also exercise my faith by doing what God requires of me and choosing Him and His ways daily.

  5. These verses helped me understand the lesson more:
    Sandals of Peace: Eph 2:14, Rom 5:1, John 16:33
    Shield of Faith: 1 Pet 1: 6,7.


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