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  1. The thrid angel's message is our main mission as sevent day adventist just as the gosple of christ was the mission of the early apostles. this the church cant start as a whole but christ will start and complete it with the faithful few because little is much when God is in it

  2. Not all of us may be vociferous in preaching the gospel, but I believe one great way by which we can also preach the gospel is by living the life of a true adventist and showing love to all.

    • Actually, there is no way we can live as Adventist without sharing the word of christ to others. We might not be 'vociferous' but a willing heart is all God needs. Adventist keep giving the excuse for not sharing the word, saying 'my character will preach the word'. The life of christ and the apostles also revealed that they were christians but they also went out preaching the gospel.

  3. I like the thought that God will finish the work. Do you think that sometimes we spend too much time on planning? It is like the modern day parable about the fisherman who talks about fishing, trains to be a fisherman, obtains all the right equipment to fish, but never ends up going fishing. Let's go fishing and see what God and the Holy Spirit will do!

  4. We may ask the question, what can I do for the Master. We look around and realize that there is just so many things to be done regarding the promulgation of the gospel. What can we do in our sphere to tell others about the advent?

    We need to say to ourselves, what is that in our hands Exodus 4:2. Evaluate the gift(s) God has allotted to us and enquire how can we utilize them to enhance/promote the work of the gospel.

    My hope is that we all seek God's guidance re: the utilization of our talents/gifts to become co-laborers with Christ. Be blessed!

  5. I am glad for the promise that God makes to everyone of his witnesses. God promises to be with each and every witness each and everyday until the end, and God promises to give all the power necessary to fulfill his commission. What God starts he finishes also, and the promise is sure. Today's lesson mentions that God will finish His work by pouring out His Spirit in mighty power to accomplish what seems impossible according to all human planning. "Christ read the minds of the disciples, and he saw that they were awake to the peculiar dangers that would assail them. He assured them that if they would go forward in faith to fulfill their commission, they would move under the shield of Omnipotence. He made every provision for the success of their mission. He took the responsibility of the work upon himself.--Review & Herald, march 15, 1898. What an great encouragement that even when the task seems challenging, God's promises are sure and he will finish it, "And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all nations, then the end will come" (Matthew 24:14). What an encouragement, Christians move under the protection of God as they fulfill their commission, "What greater assurance than this can we ask? We have the Lord's positive assurance that while we instruct others, He will be with us to be our instructor".--North Pacific Union Gleaner, December 4, 1907.

  6. God will finish His work through people filled with the Holy Spirit who are committed to Him.
    I pray that we all will have desires to be committed in ensuring the great commission is accomplish which is: to go and make disciples all over the world.
    Thank you Lord for your comforting promise that “All things are possible through Christ Jesus”.

  7. "This is the word of the LORD to Zerubbabel:`Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit,' Says the LORD of hosts" (Zech. 4:6 NKJV). So I think it will be in the closing work.

  8. It is quite clear that the scripture confirms that everything recorded , will eventually happen. It is also our duty as partakers in the ministry of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ to share the good news about Christ and his word.

  9. Well, being a really shy person. Can I say I am witnessing by posting on Facebook and talking to really close friends. Am I doing enough considering the kind of person that I am.

    • Hi Binta, It is never about "doing enough" but about who you have put your faith in and what that does to you. God does not expect shy people to suddenly become extrovert personalities. Be yourself, in Christ.

    • Binta, If you can fully comprehend the matchless love of Christ for sinners like me all the shyness will disappear.After all God did not give us the spirit of fear.Though its good to use social network but asses the impact of personal contact.

  10. There are persons even in our neighbor hoods that knows nothing of Christ and we are called to be a light for that individual by our lifestyles and our love for them. Brethren let us do our part that the Father has called us to do.

  11. The Bible made us understand that we are choosen so as Adventist we must know that God has His plan and purpose for choosing us. No matter where we find ourselves there is purpose for Him putting us there and that purpose is to proclaim His word. But most of us have forgotten our mission as Adventist and we are carried away with worldly things.I pray the Lord revive and transform us for the gospel.

  12. Not by mighty nor by power, but with God's spirit {Zech 4:6} we will accomplish the work of the Gospel! Matt 28:20 Jesus promised to be with us even to the end of the world! "Only if we will be busy with His work of preaching of the good news"

  13. As long as we trust in the Lord,he will give us the power to share the word of God to others,and we must do it prayerfully.That little U have share it to others God will help us bring to memory what ever we have read.


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