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Wednesday: Reporting and Motivation — 7 Comments

  1. We all get to somethng and when we are back to report, it depends how much we included God's will for the report that we give.

  2. If Christ is the center of the church then his church is of good report! But if the report comes back negative by hired critics within the church how can we be faithful witnesses for Christ. Christ plants and waters he is the first great laborer of the church, Christ gives the increase, for he being the first fruit of the redemptive work of heaven above! Whenever the Holy Spirit is working in the church, communities, in individual lives Satan will always be there to fight the presence of thee almighty. So we as SDA "must pray without ceasing" on the job witnessing is God's greatest tool to win souls to the upward call of heaven. Let our lives be living testimonies for Christ and his will, will be done.

  3. You know, we must be aware of the fact that Satan, is basically
    Working harder to ensure we get discouraged in willing to do God's work. He paints God's work so ugly, risky and impossible before us. All we need to remember is not to trust in our own strength and judgement or heresay, but centre our focus on Jesus and what He can do with us. Finally, ask ourselves, what can't Jesus do when it comes to His will in saving human kind? The centre of his death on the cross? The focus of his salvation mission?

  4. In nowdays it is difficult to find the Men or Women standing like Joshua and Chareb but all is possible front of God. Let's believe Him especially as we are in the last days.


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