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08: With the Rich and Famous – Lesson Plan — 2 Comments

  1. Zacchaesus, had such a beautiful and fruitful encounter with the great Jesus. Jesus looked up and saw him in the height of his career, his riches, and read his heart and knew that the riches did not bring happiness, and peace, or salvation. Jesus told Zacchaesus that, '' He must stay at his house today'' Oh what profound and comforting words. I want Jesus to stay at my ''house today'' and always. Rather not just my house but in my life today and always. Don't you?

  2. Jesus taught about riches and warn us not to value riches but instead be content with what we have as we seek his kingdom. Riches causes strives. May the lord help us not to value this world and riches . Emulate the life of zacchews. He realise life without Jesus means nothing to salvation.


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