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  1. Thanks much, Maurice, for this timely reminder that "the church" is still important. In western countries we are too focused on individuals, in contrast to the biblical focus of the "body of believers." I think we'll find, if we examine God's messages in the Bible, that the major emphasis is on the body of believers, rather than the individual. That's not to say that we are saved as a body, but the grace of God is best revealed in the body of members and the way they relate to each other.

    After all, it was Jesus who said, "By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another." (John 13:35)

    • We have to put hands together to evangelize the Gospel to the whole earth as the Apostles did at earlier church to spread the Gospel.

  2. It’s funny, but I never really sat down and thought about how the role of the church itself can get lost through all of the hustle and bustle. My favorite line is: “a church does much to aid the ‘salvation process.’” You are so right! My church is my community, and we work together to support one another and be the best people we can be. Thank you for this important reminder.

  3. I share the similar views with Maurice on how the church can help an individual believer grow and also work as a team but my experience is quite different. I have found myself in a community where two churches have been put together as one because of their membership, however, the nature and enthusiasm of the members does not encourage me in anyway whatsoever to have fellowship even though I try hard to corporate and work with them. My point is that in order to work effectively as a church and not as individuals it is imperative for the entire church to adhere to planned programs of evangelism and witnessing well. Individual members also play their honest part in whatever way they can to help in propelling the gospel to the outside world. let us not forget that the church is a unit and a body of persons put together so it stands as one and not as individuals.

  4. Brother, thank you for reminding us on what the church is supposed to do. The church still has a role to do, especially in nurturing its members whether new or old members! In here we should remember that we are the members of the church who make the church to exist so the church is not a pastor nor an elder - we are all forming the body of Christ, the church.

    There are some people/members of the church who keep on blaming the church that it does not do this and that while they are sitting idle. For instance, they may see new baptized members are backsliding. Instead of taking it to him as one of the responsibilities to help the needy, he starts murmuring and pointing fingers to the elders.

    NO! We have something to do; our lesson told us we have to LOVE each other, FORGIVE eacn other, to PRAY for one another.

  5. I for one would like to make this point known that we ought to immitate the good characters in our respective churchs most likely we cant have all church members who are role models to our christian faith but ruther the few who live by example are to be admired and such experience will help us grow our faith aswell. in my own way i feel closer heaven when i congregate in my church,,,that feeling i never have most times when am alone. our churchs are indeed an instrument for our spirital growth.


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