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Sabbath: Christ and the Law of Moses — 3 Comments

  1. Christanity does not exist without the Jewish religion because its simply a continuation of Jewish religion after Christ,of which includes us the Gentiles while the Jews chose not to honour Christ as the Messiah.Jesus was very loyal and patriotic to the Jewish nation,its religion and laws.Had He chose not to that would betray His mission and reason for salvation.

  2. I would dare say that Judaism is a part of Christianity because Christ Jesus existed before Judaism began and is still alive.

  3. I would argue that while Protestant Christianity has its roots in the same scriptures as Judaism, the two religions are very different. Judaism accuses Christianity of having three gods. They also accuse Jesus of wanting to throw out all their traditions regarding the interpretation of the law.

    We as Christians look at Judaism, using our understanding of the Scriptures as a magnifying glass, and see a religion corrupted by the traditions of man very different from what God intended.


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