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  1. It is interesting to me how the Apostle Paul refers to the vegan (the one that eats only vegetables,) here as being "The Weak Brother." Romans 14:2. Yet Ellen White refers to the one that has not stopped eating meat as being the weaker brother. So do we go by Ellen White in this matter or do we go by what was written by the Apostle Paul in Romans 14:2 as the criteria for the one who eats only vegetables as being the one considered to be "The Weaker Brother?"

    • This have nothing to do with eating meat or not eating meat folks. Please read the three verses from another translation and get the essence

    • Paul's main point is about not judging, but given the works oriented background he was constantly fighting, he is also calling those who are obsessed with behavioral concerns weaker, because they are not basing the salvation on faith. This is such an important concept today, too. Too many are into salvation by vegetarianism, salvation by Sabbath keeping . . . They are Paul's "weaker" ones, and their judgemental attitude is being used by the devil to divide the church so we spend our time fighting each other, rather than him.

    • Looking on the issue of judging on the real side is very important. No one has ever gone through life without making correct judgment. I'm sure that if you have a basket of fruits and there are some that are rotten you will make the correct judgment and remove the ones that are bad. So then is it ok to judge the fruits. The point from this should be in the line of this that you and I have no right to judge a persons salvation.

  2. yes, of course, judging another person is not a duty for a Christian to do, but it is, so sad how we forget so quickly, and respond to this negative.


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