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  1. "True evangelism and disciple-making are centered around the acknowledgment of our sinfulness, genuine heartfelt contrition, our unreserved spiritual surrender and the irrepressible compulsion to disseminate God’s divine message to others". This should be our focus everyday

  2. We really need spiritual transformation.Our target in terms of bringing numbers to Christ rather than members of the kingdom deceive us.I mean sometimes we conduct efforts or crusades to fulfill targets or to meet goals without earnestness,with no heartfelt compassion for sin and sinners,We usually take it easy as a routine.We leave the Spirit out no power in our programs and no victory in our shout.
    That we may be one....must be our prayer.In one accord,with humble hearts,sorrowing for sin and being led by the Holy Spirit ......will make us genuine witnesses of the saving power of Jesus Christ.....the results won't be in vain.

  3. "(4) the irrepressible compulsion to disseminate God’s divine message to others." For years I have wondered exactly what the "divine message" is supposed to be. If the message is wrong then the "irrepressible compulsion" can become dangerous. It would be like it was for the Pharisees, "Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you travel land and sea to win one proselyte, and when he is won, you make him twice as much a son of hell as yourselves" (Matt. 23:15 NKJV). In their case they had a really warped understanding of God concerning what He is like and what He requires and they were passing that on to others which they were discipling to be more of the same.

    For years the SDA church wrestled over the question of how we are saved starting with the 1888 Minneapolis convention. When I came into the church about 80 years after that event we were still dealing with issues concerning that problem. To some that might seem trivial but the whole thing colors our understanding and relationship of every doctrine we hold and determines our relationship to God.

    Not only that in many cases we emphasize the wrong things which in a way takes away the "daily sacrifices" and puts in its place what man has devised. We then begin to worship the creation rather than the creator and elevate our works over God who is the source of the works.

    I think it is true that God would rather have a person in Roman Catholism than in atheism and would rather have that person in nominal Protestantism rather than in the Roman Catholic Church. I think He would much rather have him in the Seventh-day Adventist Church but if that church he is about to go in is so far out in left field that he will get the wrong message and because of it end up lost then I think God will steer him elsewhere.

    While enthusiasm is important to me the message is even more important. It seems to me to be the one thing Jesus worked on most as Ellen White said:

    The Teacher from heaven, no less a personage than the Son of God, came to earth to reveal the character of the Father to men, that they might worship him in spirit and in truth. Christ revealed to men the fact that the strictest adherence to ceremony and form would not save them; for the kingdom of God was spiritual in its nature. Christ came to the world to sow it with truth. He held the keys to all the treasures of wisdom, and was able to open doors to science, and to reveal undiscovered stores of knowledge, were it essential to salvation. He presented to men that which was exactly contrary to the representations of the enemy in regard to the character of God, and sought to impress upon men the paternal love of the Father, who "so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." He urged upon men the necessity of prayer, repentance, confession, and the abandonment of sin. He taught them honesty, forbearance, mercy, and compassion, enjoining upon them to love, not only those who loved them, but those who hated them, who treated them despitefully. In this he was revealing to them the character of the Father, who is long-suffering, merciful, and gracious, slow to anger, and full of goodness and truth. Those who accepted his teaching were under the guardian care of angels, who were commissioned to strengthen, to enlighten, that the truth might renew and sanctify the soul. (Review and Herald, Nov 17, 1891; see also Jn 17:3 and Jn 17:17,19)

  4. Jumbe, l agree with you. Our aim should be to bring quality and not quantity to Christ. Hasty baptisms shoulf be avoided as much as possibe. I know that conferences have always had their annual baptism numbers, but this should not be the driving force apart from that of the Holy Spirit. Remember that Jesus could still have come to redeem just but one sinful soul.

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    can any one explain me how the topic is related to this weeks lesson ie, harvest and harvesters simple notes because i am supposed to conduct sabbath school lesson this week.

  6. Nimal:
    The harvest would be the souls which the harvester (disciple) is bringing to the Lord.

    Remember the wheat & the tares in the church, the wheat was the true believers & the
    tares were the ones who weren't really committed. Jesus often spoke of harvesting souls.

  7. The Gospel Commission is what live to proclaim. As Adventists our message is targeted to prepare a people for the coming off Christ. Sometimes in our zeal we get caught up in wanting to determine success of any effort/outreach by numbers. If we have the effort extended from three to six weeks, most often time we stop our association with those who did not make the commitment to be baptized. I believe that is a mistake on our part. Conversion dose not happen on our time and conviction is not our tool but the Holy Spirit's. The best preparation for evangelism is not so much the Word professed or preached but Christ-like lived as if we are with Jesus. Our leaders should find the means of keeping in contact via Sabbath school or continued study and build friendly relationship with that person. If we are patient we will see that person in the baptismal pool.

  8. I believe we wouldn't have to worry about quality or quantity of the harvest if we were truly resting on God's Spirit to lead us to souls and provide the increase. It's important to remember the value of a soul, and even more important to remember that the Spirit of God does the transforming of the heart. Let God discern the value of a soul and the Spirit lead us in the harvesting. It's important not to focus on who is worthy and who isn't. Or who knows enough and who doesn't. Remember the Ethiopian eunuch. The Spirit of God knows the beginning to the end. He will give us discernment when needed. God knows the purpose for all that is done, even if we see it not done as He specifies. He has power to do whatever is needed to change any of us into the likeness of Christ. That may include having people invade our false sense of spiritual superiority,cleanliness and purity.

  9. If all members made it their mission to have an irrepressible compulsion to disseminate the good news to one person a year...The gospel is: He is faithful and just to forgive you from all unrighteousness. Christ died and rose that you might have eternal live because you believe in the Son of God. Through Christ all things are possible. He has taken your stoney heart and transplanted it with a pure heart of flesh. He has created in you a clean heart and renewed a right spirit within you. He has transformed sons and daughters of darkness into sons and daughters of God. He ever liveth and intercesses to the uttermost those that turn to Him. Yes the Gospel is the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Dwell on the compulsion to tell others what Christ means to you and the former things will become as rubbish. There won't be time for quibbling or wressling. Forgeting our childish arguments of the past and remembering how He has led us in the past. He will keep you in perfect peace if your mind is stayed on Him.


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