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Sabbath: The Holy Spirit and Living a Holy Life — 20 Comments

  1. Looking forward to study the lessons of this week. These questions seem to be the very central aim of a christian life.

  2. Being holy does not mean being isolated from society and living a recluse life. On the contrary, holy men and women get involved in helping humanity just like Jesus, who is holy, still stays engaged in our daily affairs. Moreover, real holiness is not manifested in pomp and pride, but in humility and service, knowing that the ultimate source of our holiness is God. It is only when those who profess to be holy remove the spirit of superiority and privilege that some often manifest that those who struggle with sin can summon the courage to bellieve that they too can be holy.

  3. Imagine the Holy spirit trying to connect us to a God who is Holy but loveless,I like the thought expressed under Sabbaths section that Gods love and His holiness inseparably belong together.

    • If you answer the question; "what does being holy mean?" then you may be well on the way to answering your question about how it will happen.

  4. My favorite author has defined holiness more than once, but this one has helped me to understand its meaning the best: \"Holiness is agreement with God.\"

  5. What a dynamic combination, to be holy in love. May we continue to be inspired by the Holy Spirit to be prepared for Jesus' soon return.

  6. The need for sinners to become Holy is clear in scripture, but what is Holiness? Yes, those who are unholy will despise those who are holy and often accuse them of thinking they are so much better than others, when in fact the holy never consider themselves as such. Holiness will be: merciful, gracious, longsuffering, good, true, always forgiving, but will call sin by it's right name lest others remain deceived. In this is revealed the very Divine Nature, the character of God as defined by Himself(see Ex 34:6,7) Jesus was holy and said of Himself “for I am meek and lowly of heart”, which also defines true holiness. None of this is natural to the children of fallen Adam, and only by the Spirit of God can sin and self be overcome, through Grace.

    This need for sinners is not simply to escape the punishment of the wicked, but to have peace and joy in their own lives, and freedom from being sinful, and thus without this peace and joy in their lives.There is no "rest" for those who place themselves above and apart from the will of God.

    • It is as "easy" as making a simple choice. Problem is; few are willing to make that simple choice of acknowledging God in all our ways. The need to die to self makes "easy" impossible for most to accept.

      I'm defining "easy" as "simple", not "effortless".

  7. It depends what you call easy. Or perhaps ask yourself is "easy" an appropriate word.

    Illustration: I have spent a lifetime working with computer science concepts. I worked far into the night for years, putting ideas together and thinking through consequences (Concurrency control in transaction systems - for those that need to know). Formulating ideas, developing algorithms, writing code and testing - all hard work. "Easy" was never a descriptor, but it was enormously satisfying, and gave me a sense of achievement. God has given me the gift of understanding and reason. It was up to me to make the best use of that gift and accept the challenge of applying that gift to computer science.

    We need to be careful here and make sure that we understand a couple of spiritual principles. Salvation is a free gift, given to us by the grace of God, but understanding that, we now have the challenge of using that gift. Fortunately God's gift comes with help, and that is where the Holy Spirit comes in. It is not going to be "easy" but it is rewarding. (and I am not just talking about heaven either!)

  8. Greetings to you all.
    Talking about Holiness, it is not manifestation of spiritual ecstasy under some extraordinary circumstances.
    Holiness is not rapture,but
    > it is an entire surrender of the will to God
    > it is living by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God
    > it is doing the will of our heavenly Father
    > it is trusting God in trial, in darkness as well as in the light
    > it is walking by faith and not by sight
    > it is relying on God with unquestioning confidence and resting in His Love.
    This becomes possible as we are filled with His Spirit upon emptying our soul temples from every defiling worldly desires. Carnality is enmity with God. God tells us to be Holy as He is Holy.

    • Jesus said "by their fruits you will know them". Yet this does not set us up to be judges over anyone but ourselves. The only valid question for me is "am I holy or unholy?" Not to be saved, but to reveal the salvation of God promised or not. (See 2 Cor 13:5) Our best prayer is Psalm 139:23,24 isn't it? Also, when Peter asked concerning John's future Jesus said "What is that to you? You follow Me."


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