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  1. Once upon a time I wanted to be a champion weight-lifter. So, I bought books about it and read what you had to do. I spent real money on weight-lifting magazines and DVDs. I looked at catalogues of weight lifting equipment, I looked at weight-lifting diets and learned all the weight-lifting terminology. I went to lectures on weight-lifting and learned how to develop a mental attitude toward weight-lifting. I learned breathing exercises and became proficient in warm-up exercises.

    ... and I never became a weight-lifter!

    • Maurice, I do not know if this really happend in your life and used as a metaphor to relate to the life of a Christian.
      Why did you not become a weight-lifter? What do you think would have been necessare to become a weight-lifter and, as a metaphore, how does it translate to the life of a Christian?
      What is the crucial component necessary in the life of a Christian to actualize all the 'preperatory' work?

      • I was rather hoping the readers would draw their own conclusions, Brigitte. It raises the issue of how we grow our faith. Reading about it or exercising it?

        • Yes, I understand - though if we are teachers and learners at the same time, would this not be an important opportunity to at least ask the question outright and receive the replies from those who want to answer the question?
          May I ask your personal engagement in 'how you exercise your faith'?

          • Hi Brigitte. We have another 6 days on this lesson topic. Typically I write a comment every day. Please allow me to spin out the answer a little bit. I don't want to run out of ideas on the first day. ...and who knows; someone else may have an answer to share as well.

            • Before readings the other replies,I took your example as as Christians we can read all the christan books even the Bible about faith etc but if we don't put those things to practice what was the point.
              Sort of like me getting a MBA but never doing anything with it.

  2. Maurice, from what you wrote I deduce that God had redirected your plans and perfected you to excel in other fields- being physics and maths and computer science. Or was there a major reason why you gave up on your initial plan?
    Your response is not imperative, but I do believe your comment highlights the title of Sabbath lesson.

    I always appreciate your contributions to the lessons.

    • Thank you Amina. And if we can extend the illustration, how did I become a computer scientist?

      There are lots of things we can study about faith this week, but we need to put what we study into practice. Hopefully, we will hear some more about the practice this week.

  3. Christ’s priestly intercession is now going on in the sanctuary above in our behalf. But how few have a real understanding that our great High Priest presents before the Father His own blood, claiming for the sinner who receives Him as his personal Saviour all the graces which His covenant embraces as the reward of His sacrifice. This sacrifice made Him abundantly able to save to the uttermost all that come unto God by Him, seeing He liveth to make intercession for them

  4. If we believe whole-heartedly that Jesus is the author and finisher of our faith, why is the ‘Body of Christ’ mostly lukewarm? Could it be that we do not despise sin deeply enough, love our redeemer not fervently enough, are not grateful enough to have been rescued from certain death, or not valuing eternal life enough?
    Would focusing the dedication of our whole life to becoming a reflection of His Light of Truth, running the race which gives us our Life and would give life to those still in darkness, change this? Maybe it could help if we consider this race to be a marathon.

    The all-important, true race has already been won by our Savior, Christ Jesus. We who believe enter the race because His Faith - trusting the Father’s Will - manifested the eligibility components of this race during His lifetime – unwavering Faith and Love.
    Yes, ours is to be the life's race of hope and unwavering faith in the Father’s promises given to all who believe; and yes, believing this Truth of God’s Word as shown by Christ Jesus has entered us into the ‘race’ which will last until we are called to give up the body of flesh and blood.
    This race is about keeping faith and hope alive; with ‘fear and trembling’, committing ourselves steadfastly to remain faithful and hopeful in all circumstances.

    I see this race as a marathon lasting a lifetime; run by any believer at any of the ages passed. Anyone who is committed to staying faithful to the Creator’s call for living His Will, and so to demonstrate the loving relationship the believer has with the Father, respecting and loving Him when/by loving his fellow traveler - being a brother or sister to those running the race alongside him and calling on others to join.

  5. Maurice I guess you never had enough faith to finish what you had started or You were redirected by God. It could also be you were focusing on self. The lesson states that Jesus is the author and finisher of our faith.

  6. This quarter we have been studying about Jesus and his various roles. Jesus our perfect Sacrifice. Jesus our High Priest. Jesus our Mediator. And then, boom, in the middle of that comes this list of famous people in the Bible. Famous Jewish people. Why?

    This is a beautiful Wow for me seeing it from a fresh angle. Breaking into this list from the context of the whole book of Hebrews.

    My answer is that these are people in the Hall of Faith and how they got there is through Jesus! Jesus is the author and finisher of their faith! The Hebrew nation’s identity is wrapped up in Jesus. The individual’s identity is wrapped up in Jesus. EVERY nation’s and person’s story throughout all time is Jesus. Wrapped up in Him. Mine too. My birth, my school years, my graduation, my jobs, my relationships - when I knew it and when I didn’t- all Jesus.


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