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    • Definitely. Well said, Brother Maurice.

      Also, as last week's lesson, and the intro to this week's lesson, says that the Fall (or the spiritual decline) of God's leaders and people, always start with the decline of the study of God's Word by his people. Let all of our prayers be that we, as leaders and as God's people, increase our study of God's word Now and into the New Year.

      Be blessed, and Happy Holidays!!

  1. Zerubbabel, Ezra and Nehemiah three great leaders in the book of Ezra and Nehemiah played a vital role in the rebuilding of Jerusalem.
    Zerubbabel reubuilt the temple. (Ezra 3:8)
    Ezra studied Torah and taught the people about true worship
    Nehemiah was the man behind the wall.
    Each one had a purpose to fulfill in history.
    Paul Planted, Apollos watered and God gave the increase.
    God moved the hearts of kings. He fulfilled the prophetic promise given to Jeremiah.
    It was His faithfulness which led to the restoration of Jerusalem.
    We must be faithful to the role we are called to execute in the kingdom of God.
    If you are given the ministry of planting do not try to harvest.

  2. A leader is one who inspires others to follow his example, he gives them the choice.
    A dictator forces others to do what he thinks they should do, they have no choice.
    As we study these Biblical leaders this week, we can compare them to the leaders in our community of faith. Remember we have the choice to follow them or not.

    Jesus invited the disciples to "follow Me", He is the only true leader we can trust and follow.

    • Amen, Sister Shirley. By the way, I have enjoyed reading your post all this year. Please continue to fulfill your calling of encouraging and inspiring God's people through your written posts. You are among the Leaders here.

      You are so right, our Savior, Jesus, is not and never was, a dictator that forces us to accept Him, and His loving Father, our Heavenly Father, never forced everyone to obey Him. From the beginning, when He created us, He always give us a choice. So, it is our responsibility to choose wisely, or our fault if we make the wrong choices.

      The world will soon be talking about making New Year's resolutions. As for me and my house, my New Year's resolution will be to study God's Word more, daily. If I fulfill that resolution, then God will encourage and inspire me in all of the other areas in my life.

      I've enjoyed being a part of this Sabbath School Blog community this year, and hope to worship with all of you here in the New Year. Be Blessed!

      • You are so right Toni, it is so sad when some use force and call it Christian.
        I agree it is great that even though we are not together physically we can worship together in spirit and I also look forward to carrying on doing so in the new year and reading your thoughts as well.

    • Brother Paul,
      If you have a family, or an extended family, then you are a Leader. If any of your friends value your opinions, or come to you for guidance, then you are a Leader. We are all Leaders in many areas that we never thought about.

      Be Blessed, and Happy Holidays!!

  3. Paul, we are all leaders in our individual spheres. We all have an influence on family, friends, church members, neighbors. The word of the day is influence. Here is where the Spirit comes in. Because influence is subtle and not always intentional, I need the mind of Christ energized by the Holy Spirit so I will be an effective witness/leader.

    • I'm sorry Brother Richard; I had not heard your post before I wrote mine. I agree, and you said it more eloquently than I.

      Be Blessed, and Happy Holidays!!


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