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  1. The timing of these lessons are amazing. Namibia was formerly a German colony and as a result there are many German-speaking people in the country. It is unfortunate that since the Advent message was first preached in South West Africa, the only Germany pastor was a self-supporting pastor who worked together with a literature evangelist in the 1960's. In 2001 a young recently graduated German pastor and his family spent 11 months in Namibia and since then there have been other priorities, with the result that, even though there have been willing workers, a follow-up has never materialized. Last year a team of young people were given the go-ahead to spend their summer holidays doing evangelistic outreach to the German-speaking population. However, their visa applications have been rejected. Seeds have been sown over the past years - books, DVD's, literature and friendship and now that the seeds are sprouting - there are no workers! But God is working! Just last week I received a call from an old friend with whom I had shared a copy of The Desire of Ages in German. She wanted to know whether I had more as their Lutheran Bible Study group want to use the book in their studies. She had given her pastor the book to read in order to get his approval and he has no problem with it. The Government might close the doors - our Church work only for their own people - but this quarter's lessons are proof that the Holy Spirit is at work. You may ask why the interest in the Germans - I, English born, am married to one - baptised in the '60's as a result of our German Pastor - Reinhard Engel. God has given me the gift of tongues - German being one of them - but my grammar 'offends' the ears of a true German!! Pray for the work in Namibia!

    • Worry not, the Holy Ghost is working in ways you can't imagine!
      Be blessed as you're carrying for these souls which know not yet the message of our salvation!


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