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  1. Following on from my suggestion in yesterday's Introduction to this quarter's lesson, here are some questions to 'get the ball rolling' for thinking and or discussion for those who might be intereseted...

    Why does God bless us with resources and then entrust us to manage them?

    1) Is there a connection between this and our necessity as created beings to keep in mind that we are each and all dependent upon our beneficent Creator for life and living (John 15:5)?

    2) And by the same token, is it also necessary for use to keep in mind that, despite temporary appearances (eg Psalm 73:1-3) self-seeking is actually incompatible with life?

    3) And how does all of this actually foster our growth and development as humans - individually and collectively?

  2. A new quarter, a new subject. We do need the true Biblical understanding concerning our responsibility to care for the earth and each other, it is an important theme.
    Yet right now this theme of taking better care of the earth is big on the papal agenda.
    Pope Francis’ encyclical on ecology, Laudato Si, and the whole climate change alarm, has elements that are troubling.

    • We should be careful about labeling everything that the Pope says as troubling. Just a little story which I have told here before.

      I was waiting in a train station and found myself seated next to a nun. I was reading something on my iPad and we fell into a conversation about reading and books. She loved reading and I asked her what sort of books she read. She said that she loved reading books by Pope Benedict. I followed up by asking what it was that she liked about Pope Benedict's writing and she replied that he always pointed to Jesus.

      And so there in the train station, a little old nun and a retired Seventh-day Adventist professor had a conversation about Jesus based on a book by the then-current pope. (His death a couple of days ago reminded me of this encounter.) We rejoiced in the fact that even though we had different labels we shared in the love of Jesus.

      I have not read the full Laudato Si, but from what I have read there are some things in it where we should be happy that the Pope has brought them to the attention of the world. No, I do not agree with everything he says but then, I don't agree with everything my wife, Carmel, says either.

      • To take care of the planet and all of its resources is an order of God, given to Adam and Eve at Eden. God does not change! We are the ones who need to change. Besides, every little thing that happens on Earth right now is carefully seen by God! He hasn't made the planet and abandoned it. Absolutely all will corroborate to His successful plans! Why or what should I fear? Pope, Laudato Si? I need to remember that evil always tries to mix the truth with lies.

  3. If we don't learn how to care for each other and God's resources here on earth, we will not appreciate Heaven. This is where we practice being like God in character. Earth is a testing place not a resting place.

    • Sonia, I love this. It’s short and to the point. God gave humans the job of caring for our earth and caring for each other. It’s just that simple.

  4. Bro Maurice,
    It is troubling -- moreso because good, true information is mixed with a drop of deadly deception, like a plate of delicious, nutritious food with just enough deadly poison to kill..

    • That is a clear and powerful image: poison in food. But we also need to remember that God can make bitter water drinkable. Sometimes we make Satan more powerful than God through the images we share. Our salvation history is one story after another of God bringing good out of bad.

  5. I believe that Maurice's story is interaction with people who don't have all the truth, but who are still God's creation who my be open to truth. In Christ dealings with people He saw the possibilities of redemption. He saw people as they might become through the redeeming love He was exemplifying on earth, as commissioned by His Father.
    Redeeming love.
    1John 4:9

    I do believe that Maurice is pointing out also, that in talking to people of different faith, we must remember that God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved. John 3:17. Thus we are opening possibilities of redemption.

    Yes we must have a connection with Christ that puts on us the whole armor of God protecting us from the deceptions found in others' religions. It is better to put on the armor of God than to with draw away from those who have the potential to be rescued by the power of God's love. We are His ambassadors; as His ambassadors we will be placed in situations where we could be drawn in by the wiles of the devil. That is why Paul tells us that we will be strong in Lord and in the power of His might when we put on the whole armor of God.
    Ephesians 6:10-11.

    The Holy Spirit working through us to open others to Christ's redeeming love is not a waste; rather the seed is planted, and later the Holy Spirit working through another, or possibly us, waters that seed. Thus we are managing for the Master till He comes.

  6. I do agree that we talk with everyone and keep an open mind. Who are we to judge and condemn? In His words Jesus said to let the wheat and the tares grow together until the day of harvest.


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