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    - Friends, most of our church members don't understand the book of revelation.

    - The book is not memorable, not humorous and it is full of symbols. This sounds like a foreign language to many.

    - can we give it more time on Sabbath afternoons?

    - can we try to make it as simple as possible and focus on Christ?

    - Satan has labeled the book " a difficult one that should be understood when we get to heaven. " This should not be so among our church members.

    - Teachers, please do alot of research and make it simple for members to understand.

    - Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy and keep those things which are written therein:for the time is at hand.

    This is the only book that offers blessings to its readers and hearers.

    Do not give up, keep reading, keep listening and God bless you.

    • Mr. Cyrus;

      You will be surprised that you are not the only one sharing that school of thought. It is really sad that have to be talking about a book in the Bible, written for the consumption of all, with an adjective like hard or difficult. However, this is where we have found ourselves calling "The Revelation of Jesus Christ" a book of difficulty or confusion. Can it get sadder than that really?

      Your observations are on point 1) Yes! Many (in the SDA Church)are not able to comprehend the book 2) The confusion between symbols and literal 3) Many of us over-detail the messaging presenting a complex aura around the book and place too much focus on the alternative characters in the book instead of the central focus which in on Christ 4) Time allocated to this book is limiting.

      But, stop there! This should not be the case, and we - those who have given time to study this book and worry about this - should see what we can do. If we could start by taking a person at a time, deciphering the myth of complexity in the book then maybe we could bring down the walls of barriers from an individual standpoint, then progress with them to bringing on board others, first within the church, then without.

      God is speaking to you my friend, Cyrus and here is an opportunity for you to answer “Speak, for your servant is listening.” (1 Samuel 3:10) then do His bidding. I think you have something there, and we could then start from our homes to talk, learn and teach Revelation in simple ways as we advance to the larger communities.

      We should not allow our "self" to take us to the elite thinking and complicate the "Revelation of Jesus Christ"; that alone will be a disservice to all, and for that God will hold us accountable (Ezekiel 33:6)

  2. My starting point affects how I understand the message of Revelation. Possible options:
    1) to a particular group in a particular time and place
    2) a pictorial unfolding of basic principles in the relationship between God, humanity and the forces of evil
    3) focus on end time events starting with judgement in 1844
    4) covers period from cross to Second Comming
    Other points that affect my understanding of Revelation are:
    Do I believe God executes judgement?
    Do I believe God is active in specific historical events?
    Do I believe God can predict future events or trends?
    Do I believe in God's Word?
    I know what I believe, do you?

  3. The background to the 7 trumpets point to their being successive historical periods:
    1) creation takes place on 6 successive days with the climax on the seventh day
    2) Exodus 10 successive plagues then escape
    3) Jericho march 7 days blow 7 trumpets
    4) Feast of Trumpets, series of 7 new moon feasts
    5) Jubilee trumpet after 7 periods of 7 years

    • Shirley de Beer thanks to God for this enlightenment through you. Kindly by the grace of God put a little meat in this. It might help a soul elsewhere.

      • Otieno, we have discovered that God uses the language and experience of His people to explain the future. Like saying 911 in USA would without further words remind them of the fall of the twin towers. So in the message to the 7 churches in Asia when John said "7 trumpets" what came to mind? The various options in my previous post are some of them. Just like the backdrop in a theatre sets the stage for what is coming so these backgrounds help us understand the 7 trumpets. The first thing they tell us is that they are successive events that lead to a climax
        Also that trumpets are calling on God to remember His covenant promise to protect His people and to judge and avenge for them. It also reminds them that like at Jericho God will do the fighting for them. So we understand that 7 trumpets are judgements on the inhabitants of the earth for persecuting His people and trying to get them to realize the awful results of rejecting and/or ignoring the Triune Lord's Principles of Life.

  4. "These faithful ones were portrayed as souls under the altar, crying to God for justice and vindication, saying: “How long, O Lord?” (Rev 6:10)"

    How do you interpret this statement and the translation of Rev 6:10?

    The concepts of justice and vindication can be interpreted two ways. One way is the more common interpretation and belief within Christianity that justice and vindication are a process of payback via exacted/imposed punishment.

    The other interpretation is a call for restoration back to righteousness which does not involve payback or application of punishment. Under this interpretation justice is the restoration back to what ought to be and vindication is revealing to be right via the evidence speaking for itself. This is compatible with a call for God to bring about justice/restoration via ceasing to hold back the winds of strife (Rev 7:1) so that natural consequences of sin run their course unto self-destruction thereby demonstrating that sin is a non-viable option. This facilitates the restoration of righteousness (ie returns things to as they ought to be without sin) and vindicates God of the allegations that Satan has made against God's way being less than what is otherwise possible.

    As evidence in support of this interpretation, look into the original Greek words and also notice how frequently throughout scripture the concepts of justice and righteousness are mentioned together. This is because justice and righteousness are synonymous in that they both mean restoration back to the way things ought to be. Biblical justice is the actual restorative (rather than retributive) process of returning things back to the way they are meant to be (ie righteousness). Human justice responds to a person being murdered by retributively punishing the perpetrator. God's higher justice responds to a person being murdered by restoring them back to life in the earth made new and even offering the perpetrator the opportunity for salvation IF they will accept it and repent and be restored (as per Lk 23:34). This is radically different to what we are used to.

    There are many aspects attributed to the nature and character of God and of salvation that have become embedded within Christianity that instead actually reflect the nature and character of Satan and his ways rather than the truth about God and His ways. The concept of 'justice' via 'avenging' is but one example.

  5. It is so good to read so many of the postings in a book that is considered the most difficult to understand.
    May God bless us as we journey together in the pilgrims passage.

  6. Brother Maurice Ashton?
    You have not commented. Is all well with you and your family? I am following up because you made a resolution to comment everyday on this platform.

    I pray you and yours are well.

    • Thank you for your concern Brighton. I had a short notice plane flight to care for my 94-year-old Father-in-law. He went into hospital for observation and they fitted a pacemaker. I flew up to Queensland to be with him when he came out of hospital. He is fine and is actually sitting near me as I write this. He will be back driving his car in a couple of weeks time!

  7. About Revelation:

    We know that in the series of the churches, Christ is among the candlesticks (He says so Himself in 1:12)

    In the series of the seals, He is at the table of Shewbread, because that is to the sides of the NORTH of the sanctuary, and that is the same location for God's throne, where Christ appears in the midst of in Rev 5:6.

    In the series of the trumpets, He is at the alter of incense. Rev 8:3.

    The only interpretation of Revelation that makes sense is the Historicist method which our church embraces. EG White, in warning against Preterism and Futuricism, while emphasizing proper apocalyptic prophetic interpretation states "You recognize these facts in Bible history as true, but apply them to the future. They have their force still in their proper place, in the chain of events that have made us as a people what we are today, and as such, they are to be presented to those who are in the darkness of error.” 2SM p. 102, 103

    Trumpets, thus understood, fit perfectly in the prophetic picture Revelation is painting for us.

    I look forward to learning from all of you, God bless.


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