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  1. Let me comment on this weeks lesson picture.
    In it we see a woman (very seductive look) and in her hand a glass of wine. Seventh-day Adventists who have been through our prophecy classes sure know what symbolism is here portrayed.
    Yes this weeks lesson should not only keep us from committing physical and spiritual adultery or fornication but also keep us from receiving the MARK OF THE BEAST.
    A word of Advice to you my friends... It is our children (young in faith) who are most vulnerable- That is why the mother of king Lemuel is giving this advice in his youth... are we faithful like king Lemuel's mother.
    Woman= Babylon (False churches) She has caused kings to fall.
    Wine= False Teachings. Made kings drunk and forget the law.
    Cup= Vessels through which these teachings are served (Ecumenical Movements+ Entertainment Industry, Church and State movements,etc.)
    Lemuels Mother may represent Gods Faithful Church- The bride of Christ.
    God Bless.

    • Hopefully, women will read the whole lesson (including Proverbs 31) and learn to be "virtuous" (Proverbs 31:10).

    • Zahana,

      There is lessons for women here too.

      First of all, This chapter was written by a woman or a mother. It teaches us that women are very good in giving advice. Ellen White says that a mother is the first teacher. You can read more on that in Ministry of healing under the chapter "Mother"

      But if the woman doesn't watch herself she can be a very effective means that Satan uses to get men(kings) to fall. We can see that this is illustrated in human history beginning at Eden.

      Wine and women- Women please stay away from wine or from men who are addicted to wine.

      The angel advised Samson's mother to stay away from wine.

    • ...Even, Eve had fulfilled Adam life; so woman has a great value to a Man's life.Here, woman/man does not target but focus on MAN (Morality+Ability+Necessary)maintains Holy life at the maximum length of span(his/her). Don't exercise illegal sex that may cause destroy your Morality and thus your Creator will not be worshiped.

    • What do women learn? I learn that a mother has an important influence on her children and a woman on her man that can change their lives.

  2. I agree woman is symbol for God's church so what do we learn from the "wine" as false teaching and the "glass/cup" as the other means of presentation. Is our desire to reach our communities to end up being like theirs or do we maintain the unique position of being called as God's chosen vessel of truth, mercy, faith and steadfast commitment to "the Word"? Not sure I have the answer but I think God will make our way clear!

  3. The book of Proverbs is no doubt alluding to the importance of both parents full responsibility to their children. While it is often that a mother spends most of her time with children hence have the primary opportunity to share with the youth the practicals of life as has been shown to us by Lemuel's mother, yet on the day of judgment God will ask the head of the house "where is the flock that I entrusted you? Jeremiah 13:20

  4. After all if we do not have love even for our enemies we have nothing and we are nothing. Works of love cannot save us but the grace of God will empower us to love at all times.The only practice for the Church is in my opinion to learn how to suffer long and be kind, to endure all, to believe all, and to hope always while we are trusting in the Lord to add grace to every situation. You will know them by their love.

  5. The lesson is clear about it position about woman and wine. though the woman and the wine biblical means different we are to stay away from them.

  6. to me it means we must play far from bad things especialy these two women and wine. Because its helpless if we can try to avoid drinking but playing in turvens or with drinkers. Also the same with women. So lets put ourselves where we suppose to be

  7. So how are verses 6 and 7 supposed to be interpreted? It seems that in these two verses, there is a place for the use of "strong drink." Maybe for medicine or for soothing emotional pain or for helping a person through his or her last moments before they pass on to their deaths?

  8. As men we think that having many women will increase our manhood . But Proverbs councel against it. The wises man that ever lived (Solomon) fell for the trap of having many women and ended up straying away from God. God knows what are our weaknesses are and thats why he warns us in Proverbs 31. Its also call for young aldults to listen to our parents advise because they being there done that.

  9. WW - Women and Wine is a deadly combination. Life has taught that women are good to be with as long as they are on a One to One Basis and Helping to complete man as in Holy matrimony. When do they become a snare? That depends on what you do when you are with women not your wife. Wine is a mocker and so Avoid it and never combine Women and Wine. It is a Cocktail for disaster.

  10. At first i had avery tough time to understand these lessons,but thanks to hope sabbath school for bringing me closer to these lessons.Its amazing because at the end of the week i become more friendly to the lessons and even more ready to lead my friends at my class.Thanks to all those who post their comments,hope next time it will be me.Looking forward to this week's lesson.May God bless indeed this ministry

  11. My wife of 13 years now is does not drink. However, vanity abounds in such a way that our 3 boys and 2 girls are blinded by this also. I was a drunkard for many years until the blood of Jesus healed me of it. I know that we both have a responsibility to our children to teach them of Gods' love and mercy and how crucial it is to have Jesus in our lives. I pray that God will show me the path to family healing through his word and by the cross. God bless.

  12. I found most men has to tendecy to become alcohol more than woman. I found that most men do destructive behavior more than woman..So it appears that this has to be the same as mankind( means everyone) or womankind means everyone as well So we need to stop deceiving self and blaming on just woman.

  13. This chapter in Proverbs, has given me a new perspective on my role as a wife and a mother. The running and maintainance of our family is so crucial, we need to always keep the Lord in our heart.

  14. I just want to make today's lesson for my simple understanding and practical living. I have numerous relatives and friends whose ideal lives were destroyed by their wrong choices, usually with women or men and wine or other addiction. God's Word is the truth in every situation and appplication in our daily life.

  15. I am particularly attracted to the adviser who from the experience she must have gone through. Whether she did that before, or saw from others, read somewhere, advised by her mother (Prov 1:8) or purely inspired by the Holy Ghost. She spared not which was understood (Prov 27:5,6). Whether it was disgrace to advice a royal, whether the king is high in status or whether he is a man of wisdom, it is the strength, love and compassion that she believe will be for the good of her son. 'How great is Thy faithfulness'is my praise to the One who does that to me daily.

  16. Oh how I pray that the Lord gives me wisdom to be a wise woman who will give sound practical advice to my children.

  17. I thank God for His word because it reveals to me His will for my life. I know first hand how the use of alcohol can have a negative impact on individuals, family and friends. The text states the importance of listening and following sound advice from your mother who fears the Lord. My husbands coworkers often brag at lunch time about the impact of wine and women in their lives. Whether it is in the natural world or spiritual world, the worship of this type of lifestyle leads to death both natural and spiritual. Seek God with all of your heart. He is a healer.

  18. thank all commentators in christ knowledge.....power will never be in women nor wine rather in our hopeful home in preparatory. God u have seen m dark live for long let ur spirit huover on my life.


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