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  1. You will receive power
    We do not possess this power. God imparts this power unto us.
    David's plea after his sin, Do not cast me from your presence or take your Holy Spirit from me.
    Without the Spirit of God dwelling in us, it is impossible to witness for God.
    Out gospel is not exclusive but it is inclusive of all on this earth.
    Only by abiding in him we can become a witness to this everlasting gospel.

  2. This weeks lesson, in a large measure is about preparing to receive the Holy Spirit in order to carry out the great commission.

    The apostles first prepared and the Holy Spirit was able to work mightily through them. In just three decades the Christian church exploded from about 120 believers huddled in an upper room, to churches all across the then known world.

    The Holy Spirit was the member of the Godhead that brought forth this early Church and it is He that has kept truth alive in God's Church throughout the centuries, even when falsehoods sought for supremacy.
    He is the power that convicts of truth, and unrighteousness, He leads the surrendered believer into all truth, always testifying of the Savior, Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit is not just some essence of power, He is the third person of the Godhead, come in full Divine power to awaken spiritual life and bring it to vibrant health. He is the One that inspired the scriptures, and He will teach God's people the truths contained therein.

    We need the Holy Spirit just as urgently as the 12 apostles huddled up there in the upper room.
    And we have the same commission as the apostles -- to teach all nations the everlasting gospel and the last warning message for Jesus is coming SOON!
    So, as we study this lesson, we need to take note -- how are we to prepare to receive the Holy Spirit?

    • The chapter also describes Jesus’ return to heaven and how the early church prepared itself for Pentecost.

      What is essential for preparation?

  3. Hi everyone!
    I am eager to learn more so I appreciate if you can guide me through this doubt.
    Talking about Jesus, the lesson says: "...but His ascension and exaltation in heaven were necessary in order for the Spirit to come".
    - Why Jesus had to go to heaven so the Holy Spirit would be able to come?
    - Since the Holy Spirit is the One who convinces me of sin, didn't He was present in the Old Testament as well as in the New Testament (even during Jesus Ministry years)?

    • We must allow the Bible authors to use figures of speech. I think that this statement has more to with preparing the disciples for their ongoing work. They were not to be left alone and would become aware of the Holy Spirit after Jesus' ascension. While Jesus was with them, they had perhaps been unaware of the Holy Spirit's presence.

    • On Monday's lesson, I found the answer to my question:
      "As Jesus Himself was anointed with the Spirit, the Holy Spirit was already at work during the time of His ministry (Luke 4:18-21) but officially was not inaugurated until Christ’s exaltation in heaven".

    • John 14:17 gives us a progression of connection with the Holy Spirit that Jesus said His disciples would experience. The Spirit was "with" them before His death and resurrection, but would be "in" them afterward. It was not until sometime after His resurrection and ascension that they understood and fully yielded themselves to His mission. Then they could be "filled" with the Spirit as never before. Then they experienced a more intimate connection with God than possible even when Jesus was personally present. See also Desire of Ages, page 669, paragraphs 1 and 2, and page 672, paragraph 1.

  4. I hear different responses as to what the gospel is. Is saying it is "good news" enough? What is enough so that an unchurched person, or even a churchgoer, can understand why it is good news?

    How is it relevant and/or necessary for individuals?

  5. Sandra, I am not answering your question just making a comment. As we have learned in pass Sabbath School Studies that the Holy Spirit has been from the very start active working behind the scenes supporting the Father and Son who are the center of the plan of salvation. However, neither one takes credit instead they compliant or speaks highly of one another and so does the Holy Spirit speak not of himself but draws our attention to both the father and Son; John 14:26. What humility we see in the three.


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