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Singing with Inspiration – Lesson 6: Adam and Jesus — 2 Comments

  1. Dear Corinne,
    after getting frustrated as a Sabbath School leader that the hymns I chose were 'not known' to the musicians (but I knew that they did, they had just forgotten or were using the first line of the chorus) This year I started sending your selection so that they could chose for themselves which of the themed hymns they were happy with. That has worked out really well - for me (no pressure), the musicians, the song leader, (no longer the 'meat in the sandwich' the pew bulletin printer who appreciates me now able to send the program early in the week for printing.
    Thank you for the effort that has gone into your selections, for giving your reasons for the selection and most of all - having them ready early in the week.
    Godbless you and today Mrs A Stolz

  2. Dear Mrs Stolz
    I am so happy that God has provided something special and easy for you. I have a smile on my face and a great giggle in my heart as I was feeling exactly the same as you, when I asked if they had anyone doing this for their website.
    That is how I got the job. (Big smile).
    I am sure the computer system man I send the details to, is happy to keep putting the hymns and explanations up early in the week so we are all able to have our music ready for the bulletin printers.
    Blessings to you


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